Stylish, Easy and Tropical Breezy – Design Weekend in Lyford Cay

As promised, more on the design weekend at Lyford Cay. What a treat to tour some of Lyford’s most stylish houses, and what a pity not to be able to show them all to you. But this is a private crowd, with a refreshing lack of desire to be photographed. Besides if you had us taking pictures of every ashtray and window treatment… we’d all still be there.

But wait…

Lyford denizen and designer Amanda Lindroth, nice enough to host us all for Sunday breakfast, was also nice enough to let me take some pictures.

Amanda Lindroth in Lyford Cay
Blue and white never fail by the ocean - or anywhere for that matter. Nor do white slipcovers and sisal. Lyford Cay designer Amanda Lindroth keeps it all fresh and new.

Amanda and her family obviously love art of all ilks; it is everywhere and cleverly hung.

Amanda Lindroth in Lyford Cay
Paintings in the living and dining room are hung with simple brass chain from brass rods. Amanda Lindroth in Lyford Cay

An old linen press (or secretary?) converted to a bar even has small paintings mounted inside its doors.

Amanda Lindroth in Lyford Cay
A mirrored back lends a modern touch to an antique that did not begin life as a bar. The Bahamian police finials are a fun touch. An open drawer serves as extra shelf space. Amanda Lindroth in Lyford Cay.
Amanda Lindroth in Lyford Cay
Myriad land- and sea-scapes lines a narrow hall. The identical frames and uniform hanging pull them together as a collection -- and a statement -- in an otherwise non-descript pass-through space. Amanda Lindroth in Lyford Cay
Amanda Lindroth in Lyford Cay
In a downstairs landing corner, a charming vignette of books, bust, shells, and prints. Amanda Lindroth in Lyford Cay
Amanda Lindroth in Lyford Cay
A pretty and restful guest room, with a sense of height created by the bed's canopy attached to the ceiling. Amanda Lindroth in Lyford Cay

For breakfast Amanda set up a buffet in the living-dining room inside, and tables were set on the porch. It was simple and perfect.

Amanda Lindroth in Lyford Cay
Breakfast on the porch, with a view to the club and the bright blue Caribbean. Amanda Lindroth in Lyford Cay

My favorite space in a house full of favorites, might just be this small upstairs alcove with windows open to catch the sea breezes. What a divine place to sleep, perchance to dream…

Amanda Lindroth in Lyford Cay
A pair of carved teak daybeds are all that's needed in this sunny, open-air napping alcove. Amanda Lindroth in Lyford Cay

Organized by the club’s talented house committee, including fellow House Beautiful Contributing Editor the ever-chic Chesie Breen, with Hearst Design Group Editor-in-Chief Newell Turner as honorary chair, the weekend of  lectures and house tours were a hit, and the company was great. Joining in were such design luminaries as John Fondas (John Fondas-John Knott house in Architectural Digest, via The Decorator), Alex Papachristidis, Miles Redd, Ann Wolf, Leontine Linens‘s Jane Scott Hodges, James Andrew of What Is James Wearing, et al. I mean wow. James also did a very nice write-up on the weekend, here.

Hutton Wilkinson spoke about “The Wild Child of Hollywood Design,” featuring his mentor and friend Tony Duquette, and Tom Scheerer gave a presentation on his work in an informal discussion with Amanda Lindroth, whose pink convertible that was you saw last post. Tom is also the fellow responsible for the re-decoration of the club, including the drawing room, which has to go down in history as one of the most fabulous rooms of all time.

From Nassau I went to Atlanta, and on to South Georgia for a taste of plantation life. I’m starting to feel like that gnome creature you used to see on the TV commercials, turning up in all sorts of places. Stay tuned…



  1. Frances
    Thank you for the delightful sunny pictures. The weather is rainy and gray in my part of Georgia. Hope you had a great time at the plantation. Love to see those pictures too.

  2. Oh my goodness, this looks AMAZING. Wow. On another note, I’ve been in Sedona with your “sister whom you haven’t met yet.” Dear heavens. What FUN you two will have once you finally meet.
    Hope to catch up soon!
    Loved this post! xxx

  3. Headed to Lyford Cay at the end of the month, can’t wait. I love the collection of art as many times a piece by itself is not very interesting or often dated; and together with others is visually pleasant.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Wow! What an amazing opportunity, have to admit I’m way jelly down here in Florida;). Thanks for sharing, love the artwork mounted inside the bar.

  5. Open air napping is the stuff of fantasies!! Thank you for transporting us–in Virginia it is also grey and rainy with a chance of snow tomorrow. Of course, as a teacher, I am praying for snow….long weekend?

  6. Just beautiful spaces and ease of decoration. Want a napping alcove and my current read…all needed in this life!
    Enjoy your travels and send us more postcards..this is hard to beat. xo, Lynn

    1. Thanks Susan – and also for calling out the green shutters. A tad different but just enough to be fresh and not “off.”

  7. We are just thrilled that Amanda let you photograph her island home. The photos just beg you to sit right down and take it all in. Her style is gracious, yet cozy. If these were taken on your iPhone you need to be doing ads for Apple. Where are you off to next?

  8. Sweet! It would be such fun to follow you around for a day. You have such an eye for beauty, balance and charm. I’m always delighted by your posts. Thanks.

    1. I know, Whitney, isn’t it the coolest? And something many people could do at home on a fairly common piece of furniture. Thank you so much for writing, Frances

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