Buck House Goes Pink

A friend, reader and fellow breast cancer rodeo contestant sent me this photo and I wanted to share it with you in case you haven’t seen it, in a nod to Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I’ve always heard the queen had a sense of humor. Lest there be any doubt that thing she did with Daniel Craig during the Olympics Opening Ceremonies would erase it.

Buckingham Palace in the Pink
Buckingham Palace in the Pink, via Getty Images, Daily Mail Online. Other London landmarks are lit in pink as well.

Turns out Buckingham Palace isn’t the only thing in London in the pink. Go to the Daily Mail Online article to see what else has a rosy glow these days–and nights.

And speaking of a rosy glow, no one glows rosier than Hollye Jacobs, whose blog The Silver Pen began a couple of years ago with her own diagnosis and treatment for FBC, or F-bomb breast cancer as she calls it. If you or someone you know is dealing with f-bomb pain in the a-bomb, send them Hollye’s way. They’ll find excellent advice, thorough information, and a way to see the silver linings in life even when they’re damned hard to find.

Pardon my French, but FBC really pisses me off.

Here’s a short piece about my own story here, published last January, which was the eighth anniversary of my diagnosis. (You never stop counting.)

Get your mammograms, ladies.




  1. Frances,
    Thank you for the post. I lost my Mother to breast cancer 2 years ago and my brother to GBM in February. I had my mammogram last month and all is well.

    Love the Pink lights!

    xo, Lissy

    1. Thank you sweet EB, and oh Lissy, i am so sorry for your losses. They say the Lord doesnt give us more than we can handle, but I wonder sometimes. Love and blessings to you both, Frances

  2. Frances,I loved you on Southern Living Presents and remember one day your hair looked longer… something different.
    It hit me how brave you were continuing on no stopping!! You are a wonderful example for us all. Love it!!

  3. Frances, I never knew what you were dealing with 8 years ago, but I should have known you would deal with it with your usual grace and humor. That sweet picture of you in curls in Provence made my day.

  4. That makes me smile! And yes, I have sent my friend with B- cancer, Holly’s way. Thanks to you i know about her.

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