New York Flower Show Dinner Dance – Part 2

New York Flower Show, Part 2. Drumroll please. (In case you missed, here’s Part 1.) Benefitting the Horticultural Society of New York, and therefore all New Yorkers and the universe. Also some great ideas here for you to try at home. Or not.

Here’s my table, by the talented team at Plaza Flowers, who are also my neighbors over on Lexington Avenue. I love the lilacs under skirt.

Plaza Flowers
A dress of hydrangeas and clematis, by Plaza Flowers

This is the dress I wore. I got the memo to come as a centerpiece.

Oscar de la Renta dress
With respects Oscar de la Renta, you see what I mean.

My sartorial subconscious was channeling among others Mixed Greens Event Design

Mixed Greens Event Design mannequin at Hort Party
Mixed Greens Event Design mannequin at Hort Party

…and Gramercy Park Flower Shop

Gramercy Park Flower Shop
This one by Gramercy Park Flower Shop is not only dramatic but thoughtful because you can actually see your dinner companions on the other side of the table.

Quite a statement by H. Hartley du Pont:

New York Flower Show Dinner Dance
Go big or go home, by Hartley du Pont. This table did not go home.

Along with Lee Anderson Couture and jewelry designer James Taffin de Givenchy; the shoe, accessories and clothing company Jack Rogers was one of the evening’s honorees. Interior designer Richard Mishaan did the Jack Rogers table, cleverly centering each daisy with the signature, whip-stitched rondel that made the Jack Rogers “Navajo” sandal a beloved fashion icon.

For the Jack Rogers table, by Richard Mishaan Design
Dogwoods, Gerbera daisies and cymbiidiums by Richard Mishaan for Jack Rogers.
New York Flower Show
Wow oh wow.

By Perianth Interior Design:

New York Flower Show
By Perianth, another beauty. The splash of red (bromeliad?) foliage almost looks like a big bow on a dress. I bet they thought of that.

Flowers by Daye:

Flowers by Daye
A close-up of Daye
Napkin detail, New York Flower Show
A detail from the ALARIC Flower Design dressmaker's table in yesterday's post
Napkin detail, New York Flower Show
And another in periwinkle, pale peach, and green.

It’s always fun when everybody dances, and everybody did. They don’t always because, you know, New Yorkers are jaded and all. But not me, I am a dork. And clearly I have taken to heart the dictum “Dance like nobody’s watching.” I should probably re-think that. If this were to end up on my Facebook page it could ruin my glamorous image.

Frances and Keith dancing
Dancing with designer and friend Richard Keith Langham. All Southern boys can dance, thank goodness. Honestly if I looked any dorkier I would be arrested. Photo by

If someone will identify the uncredited photos here I will put in the designers’ names immediately, gratefully. Thank you. Photos by Frances Schultz for, except the last by


  1. Hey Soul Sistah! I love it! You are too funny and nobody but you could do dorky with such grace! Love you! Dusister

  2. What an event! Was the fragrance of the lilacs at your table divine? And how about that mini Oscar dress? I’ve seen that dancing look before on the salsa floor…and happen to think it’s great fun!!!

  3. That Is a gorgeous dress & what fun you are having. The hydras & clems are wonderful-So wearable & that mini Oscar is simply inspired. Lucky attendees & Horticultural Society. I suspect everyone was Wonder Struck! pgt

  4. Frances, you looked beautiful! The dress was just perfect for the event. I am still picking my jaw up off the floor from your pictures of the centerpieces! They do it ‘Big’ in New York.
    xo, Lissy

  5. Stylish Frances,
    I bet you were belting out “Nothing could be finer than to be in Carolina……” and that my dear would be the ONLY reason you might look a wee bit dorkish!

    1. Caro, wish I could tell you I was singing FEELINGS, WO-O-O FEELINGS, but even I’m not that much of a dork. Which is a comfort.

  6. Exquisite! So enjoy reading all of your news. Of all the years in fashion, fashion shows, buying in New York and around the country this is the most spectacular tables I have ever seen. You are gorgeous in your dress and I fell in love with ‘Lady in Red’.

  7. Thank you for a great chuckle…not because of the way you are dancing, but because you can laugh at yourself.

    Thanks for photos. I am involved with lots of events at NC STATE Libraries and Gregg Museum of Art & Design and always looking for something new to brighten occasions up with.

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