New York Flower Show Dinner Dance – Part 1

In a city of beautiful parties, this is one of the most beautiful. And fun. As a board member of the Horticultural Society of New York and a chair of this party, I am biased of course. But don’t take my word for it, look:

By Jodi Zimmerman Designs. Love me some pink.

Jodi Zimmerman Designs
Jodi Zimmerman Designs. The lacing on the vase evokes a corset and reminds me of a Versace dress from a few years back.

The theme this year was “Couture en Fleur.” We wanted “Hort Couture,” but it was already taken for I can’t remember what. Anyway you get the idea. Honorees were Lee Anderson of Lee Anderson Couture, jewelry designer James Taffin de Givenchy, and Jack Rogers of Navajo sandal fame.

I missed the designer of this fab lady in red. Hope someone will let me know so I can credit her/him.

Lady in Red
Lady in Red

Renny & Reed, whom I’ve written about before, are always an absolute dream. This table was amazing.

Girl on a Swing by Renny & Reed
Girl on a Swing by Renny & Reed

Ranuncula purse by Renny & Reed
A detail from Renny & Reed's table, which I have to say stole the show.

Cute German photographer Andre Maier for Renny & Reed. Couldn’t help myself.

Andre Maier
Andre Maier

Kudos to ALARIC Flower Design for this gravity-defying fantastically creative table as well:

Scissors and spools
Scissors and spools and dressmaker's tools. Wow.

More tomorrow. Didn’t want to overwhelm you.

All photos by Frances Schultz for


    1. Thank you, Randall – but let me clarify that I was one of 8 chairmen. The amazing Hort staff and our generous and talented designers did all the work!

  1. Felt like I was there from your fabulous pictures!I loved the shoes and pocketbook,Reed Renny.I know them so that makes it more fun!What did you wear?Thank you so much.Love Mary Wayne

  2. Flowers, flowers, flowers!!!!!!!
    The ranunculus are alone reminicent of every beautiful dress we remember. All so lovely..
    hats off to all who were planning.
    Lynn Ziglar

  3. The mind is adrift in all this glory of imagination — and engineering. When the dream can be successfully fabricated then you’ve really got the goods.

    Tried the pasta recipe and it was delicious though not as good as Stephanie by a long shot!
    Probably takes practise -wouldn’t you think!

  4. LOVE your reference to the corset, “the Versace dress from a few years back”. Wish I knew how to post a photo here of me in that very dress. My wedding dress.

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