So many of you have responded to the Sunday Painter post, thank you; and some of you are artists yourselves. Just this morning Jill Steenhuis added a comment to Sunday Painter, and I’d like to comment back by treating you to her work and website, here. Jill is an Atlanta native who has lived and painted in Provence for years. She is a treasure.

Jill Steenhuis
Flowers in Red Vase With Scissors and Pear, by Jill Steenhuis

Jill also leads week-long workshops painting in Provence, with sessions scheduled this coming June and again in September. Just sayin’.


    1. MA! Thanks for writing – and just to clarify – this painting is by Jill Steenhuis, who I’d aspire to be a tiny fraction as good as. So happy to hear from you precious girl.

  1. Frances,
    Thank you for posting Jill’s picture. I just completed my second workshop with Jill and can attest that she is truly inspirational. The setting of the workshops in Aix-en-Provence, following in the footsteps of Van Gogh and Cezanne, painting in Arles, or Aix, or Cassis is truly an experience for any aspirational painter.

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