Never Eat More Than You Can Lift…

LOS ANGELES–One of my idols, Miss Piggy, says “Never eat more than you can lift.” This came very close to tipping the scales… A thing of burger is a joy forever…

The Beverly Wilshire burger, in all its glory, includes from the bottom up, a portobello mushroom, foie gras, tomato, kobe beef, onion rings, and fancy little greens on a brioche bun, with truffle fries. Really.

Spent a quick night in L.A. on the way back to the ranch from Christmas in Atlanta with my family (grateful). My sister Duvall and niece Ruth stopped for lunch at the Beverly Wilshire before launching what proved to be a fairly harmless assault on Rodeo Drive. Guess who ordered the burger.

Frances, Ruth and Duvall
Heavy lifter Edi-Belle, at left. Niece Ruth and sister Duvall were more reasonable and ordered salads, but I think they were a tinge jealous. Just sayin'.

In the coming new year, may all your burgers be big and juicy.


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