Frances’ Reel

Frances' Reel

Frances Schultz’ Reel on Youtube.


  1. Hi Frances, It’s Meliss…. I can’t tell you how much I enjoy getting your blog and emails. The site looks fantastic, and functions so well. It was worth whatever you spent on it! I love your reel, and seeing you in action made me miss you so much. Hoping all is well, and I am quite sure that you are keeping very busy as usual! Lots of love and kisses, Melissa

    1. Melissa, Oh it is so good to hear from you. Thanks for your kind words and for making my day. As for the site–you were a part of it, you know. Please let us connect your next trip to the colonies. Love, Frances

  2. Hi Frances, you look great,or is it foxy-in any event, ýou hav’nt changed,as opposed to me-see foto on my website.
    your african prayers carpet is gracing my daughter Caroline’s bedroom-my son Christopher is 16 and just did his skiteacher exam-that’s all the news thats fit to print.Kristina just got the August copy of Veranda-that made me think of you amongst others.take care,Marko

  3. Law, Franny. Loved finding your reel, because it’s so YOU and now I can prove to my kids that I didn’t make you up. I do wish I had video of one of my favorite Frances moments ever. Remember the 7-11 behind our office at Style that we reached via a rather dodgy alley? One day a couple of us introduced you to the individually-wrapped Sara Lee Danish pastries there. The deal was that you microwaved them in the wrapper. Along with 7-11 coffee–which was damn good by pre-Starbucks standards–it was a revelation in convenience food cuisine. After you bit into one, you exclaimed, “Dang! I’d serve that to CUMP-ney!”

    So happy to hear about your wedding! xxxooo Sarah B

    1. LAW and those ladies at the 7-11 called me Candy Girl because I would get a Hershey Bar with almonds almost every day – with a Diet Coke of course. That is until those Danishes came along. And I still would serve them to cump-ney… and you are darlin’ to write, and thank you for this and for your good wishes as well. I love your FB posts and you, too. xox

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