1. Hi Frances, It’s Meliss…. I can’t tell you how much I enjoy getting your blog and emails. The site looks fantastic, and functions so well. It was worth whatever you spent on it! I love your reel, and seeing you in action made me miss you so much. Hoping all is well, and I am quite sure that you are keeping very busy as usual! Lots of love and kisses, Melissa

    • Melissa, Oh it is so good to hear from you. Thanks for your kind words and for making my day. As for the site–you were a part of it, you know. Please let us connect your next trip to the colonies. Love, Frances

  2. Hi Frances, you look great,or is it foxy-in any event, ýou hav’nt changed,as opposed to me-see foto on my website.
    your african prayers carpet is gracing my daughter Caroline’s bedroom-my son Christopher is 16 and just did his skiteacher exam-that’s all the news thats fit to print.Kristina just got the August copy of Veranda-that made me think of you amongst others.take care,Marko

  3. Sarah Bartenstein

    Law, Franny. Loved finding your reel, because it’s so YOU and now I can prove to my kids that I didn’t make you up. I do wish I had video of one of my favorite Frances moments ever. Remember the 7-11 behind our office at Style that we reached via a rather dodgy alley? One day a couple of us introduced you to the individually-wrapped Sara Lee Danish pastries there. The deal was that you microwaved them in the wrapper. Along with 7-11 coffee–which was damn good by pre-Starbucks standards–it was a revelation in convenience food cuisine. After you bit into one, you exclaimed, “Dang! I’d serve that to CUMP-ney!”

    So happy to hear about your wedding! xxxooo Sarah B

    • LAW and those ladies at the 7-11 called me Candy Girl because I would get a Hershey Bar with almonds almost every day – with a Diet Coke of course. That is until those Danishes came along. And I still would serve them to cump-ney… and you are darlin’ to write, and thank you for this and for your good wishes as well. I love your FB posts and you, too. xox

  4. Linda tilley

    Lord…you make me miss Hotlanta…don’t you miss it ?

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