(Last) Postcard From Havana-Part 4: Sketchbook

Here is one last look at Cuba, in my simple, scribbled drawings. If you said your 5-year-old could do this, you’d be correct. It doesn’t worry this “artist” (liberal use of the term) in the least. For years  I have kept little sketchbooks of my travels and I find they amuse me as much as… Continue reading (Last) Postcard From Havana-Part 4: Sketchbook

Follow Your Heart

BEE COTTAGE–Follow your heart in all things, and certainly in the things you surround yourself with at home. Collections, be they humble or grand, are created and pursued primarily because they bring  joy to the collector. They may accrue value and have other benefits too, of course; but at the heart of it is, well,… Continue reading Follow Your Heart