Perfect Summertime Hostess Gifts – Great Paper Placemats, Napkins, Plastic Tumblers

When I came across this image, I sighed, from the Adams Calyx ware, to the Kirk Repoussé silver, to the precious hot-pink Chinoiserie placemats. It was a long sigh. Let’s start with the placemats.

Pink Chinoiserie table setting – Plat du Jour – Photo Josh Gibson

Turns out the placemats come in paper pads–brilliant summer hostess gifts! (One for them, one for me, hee-hee.) Not just for summer of course, we love them all year round. And not just placemats–there are napkins and tumblers as well, oh my. All the work of the stylish and clever gals who created Plat du Jour, based in Beaufort, SC, and Atlanta.

Pink Chinoiserie placemat – Plat du Jour – Photo Josh Gibson

(When I lived in Beaufort in the ’70s there was a hardware store and a Piggly Wiggly, and  you had to go to Charleston for something with a French name.)

If not going to Charleston, go to the dogs. This silhouette looks just like Stella, our black lab, but without the drool.

Dog placemat – Plat du Jour – Photo Josh Gibson

Love these boy-girl-boy-girls.

Boy-Girl placemat – Plat du Jour – Photo Josh Gibson

To find a shop near you that carries Plat du Jour delights, click for locations here. There are a gabillion. You may also shop directly, here. The Plat du Jour website is very well done. “Modern, Chic and Magnifique,” it says. And it is.

Blue and white is always a winner.

Whale tale – Plat du Jour – Photo Josh Gibson
Chevron blue placemat – Plat du Jour

Or maybe you’re in a pink flamingo kind of mood. I get like that sometimes.

Flamingos – Plat du Jour – Photo Josh Gibson

Or a mixy-matchy mood. I know what you mean.

Mixed patterns – pink and taupe – Plat du Jour – Photo Josh Gibson

Can’t go wrong with a gray woodgrain fish. I have always said that.

Woodgrain fish – Plat du Jour – Photo Josh Gibson

Although when in doubt, pomegranates will not fail you.

Pomegranate Rouge Placemat – Plat du Jour

But if you’re at a loss, go by the numbers.

Numbered placemats – Plat du Jour – Photo Josh Gibson

No excuse forgetting which cup is yours.

Numbered tumblers (BPA-free) – Plat du Jour – Photo Josh Gibson

As to the china and silver pictured at the top of this post, my mother had both. Seeing it took me right back to  her breakfast room. My sister now has the Repoussé. We must have broken the china. I remember thinking it was sooo boring, like all things automatically to do with one’s mother when one is circa 11 years old . When I saw it again in the Plat du Jour shot, I thought it was the coolest thing ever, like activating some karmic-DNA-china-pattern-gene, which is kinda scary. Mirror mirror on the wall, I am my mother after all…

Two eBay-hours, $247, and six days later, the plates are in my cupboard. Thank you, Plat du Jour, and man they look good with your placemats.

This and all posts on are non-remunerative and for the love, pure and simple…. Postcard From Italy post… coming up…


  1. Hi Frances! Love this post and I am crazy about the Plat du Jour placemats. Repousse is the oldest American flatware pattern still in production. Introduced in 1828 by the Samuel Kirk Co. of Baltimore, Maryland, it remains an ALL TIME favorite of brides and an iconic American pattern. Everyone needs at least one piece of Repousse in their collection. Go for the berry spoon in large or medium. The bowl is decorated with fruits and flowers and will make one swoon. xoxoxo

    1. Well you would know! How interesting about the Repousse, and I can see that berry spoon right now! Thank you, Mimi, and ladies (and gentlemen), if you don’t know about Mimi’s family’s most excellent silver shop in Atlanta, you should. Here you go I see a silver post in our future…

    2. Oh Mimi,
      It is a soothing early morning fact for Tuesday that some things never change, are timeless and if not sent to GOODWILL in early life will keep on keeping on. I am sending this Frances Schultz piece to my grandchildren and hope they think twice….especially the pink patterned on bone white Spodes’s Irene that was my Mothers and now much appreciated by me at 77 and my daughter Libby.

  2. Memories, Frances – aren’t they wonderful? Just love how the placemats add the perfect punch of color and juxtaposition to the china and silver. We use these so often in Beaufort when eating outside and they are fun and easy clean up! I’ve been in your shoes a time or two on the ebay bidding, but isn’t winning the best?! Hope you’re having a wonderful week.

  3. Hi Frances, You are so right about the placemats AND thinking your mothers china is soooo boring. I felt the same forever, until I unpacked my mothers Spode’s “Billingsley Rose” after years in storage. Don’t ya know I love it now, and it will be great with Plat du Jour mats. Thanks again for your wonderfully amusing stories.

  4. Awesome find Frances, and thanks for sharing. I will definitely be shopping directly for several pads to go on my table AND in my “gift closet.” Hope you are well, and I am certainly enjoying your blog. XXOO

  5. Dear Frances,
    This is a keeper and thank you. My hairdresser knew my Mother had Spode’s Irene china and wanted to purchase it..thank the Lord I didn’t part with it as it is truly beautiful…Love the pattern you have reaquired. My silver is same as my Mother and yes sure nice to have when numbers are needed. Loving no longer available ice cream forks.
    xo and happy summer,

    1. Thank you for your notes to Mimi and to me. It is personal stories, and ice cream forks(!) like yours, that bring me – and I hope our readers – such joy! Love, Frances

  6. Just beautiful………..I use these placemats however,by another company of course they are not the same!I will check this site out!I have a tablecloth made from a painters drop cloth which I then send brown wrapping paper down the middle to protect etc……..These will be a lovely shot of color!Beautiful post and so happy you found the china!!!!!!!!

  7. Mother had only one piece of Repousse` among her sterling pieces, but I knew early on that that pattern would be my choice someday as a bride and now I have 12 of almost everything. Our favorite pieces are the Gumbo Spoons because our favorite way to entertain guests during Winter is an evening of Soup, Salad and Stories. Those placemats are going to be mine and thanks for sharing such lovely ‘helpers’. There are never too many of those.

    1. Thank you so much for writing, Beverly! Your evenings of soup, salad, and stories sound as lovely as your silver. Would you be willing to share that gumbo recipe? Hmm? 😉 Frances

  8. Frances, you have done it again. I am clicking on over as soon as I finish typing. I need those hot pink placemats—can’t believe I haven’t found them already. Thanks again for the inspiration … headed for Ebay now too.
    xo, lissy

    1. And we want to see what you do with them! Thank you, Lissy. Y’all be sure to check in on Lissy’s blog if you don’t already. xox F

  9. Wonderful looking! I’ve never been a fan of paper goods, because they all seemed so uncreative and boring. Not these! I’ll be popping over for a look. The numbers are a great way to monogram towels in a summer home as well! Thanks for the tip!

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