Brilliant Last-Minute Gift, Even for One Who “Has Everything”

This is it. An app called Next Issue that puts “an entire newsstand at your fingertips,” and it does. You name it, it’s there on your iPad: House Beautiful, Veranda, O, Harper’s Bazaar, Bon Appetit, In Style, Vogue, Vanity Fair – and those are just the ones we read. All the business, health, fitness, food and gossip mags are there too.

Next Issue – screen shot

It’s fantastic and can be had for as little as $10 a month. Gift subscriptions for a few months or a year. (To go to the website click on links here in the text, not the photos, which are just my screen shots.)

Next Issue – screen shot

Next Issue has been around a couple of years, but it was just one more of those tech things I sorta heard about that went in one ear and … you know. But thanks to my clever, modern girlfriends discussing it last night at dinner, I’m a believer! Now I finally have something to give my adorable brother-in-law. I would give him the moon if I could, but it is on back order. He will love this. I just know it. Even if I just blew the surprise.

Next Issue – screen shot

Here’s a bit more info lifted and paraphrased from the Next Issue website, about how you can… and I quote,

”Create your library

As you scroll the titles in the catalog, one tap adds your picks to your personal library. New issues of your selected magazines automatically appear in your library. Tap any cover to open that magazine or browse the back issues…

Enjoy digital-only bonus content

Some magazines create extras for the digital edition. From the extra photos in People, to video interviews in Wired, to the interactive maps in Condé Nast Traveler, you’ll see why magazines are even better when they’re on screen…

Navigate with ease

All titles share the same user-friendly navigation features. You can flip through pages for a cover-to-cover read or tap the screen to reveal a shortcut tool that lets you jump to a specific section or hop back to the table of contents. A quick way to contents is handy. That’s sometimes a hard page to find in print!

Lighten your load

At home or on the road, a virtual magazine collection means you can carry more and recycle less. Bonus: You’ll reduce the clutter on your coffee table and in your life. Catching a flight or hitting the road? Set up automatic download for your always-read list so they’re ready when you are.

But honestly, they had me at “no more 20-pound-carry-on.”

Merry, Happy.

P.S. This, like all posts, is purely from enthusiasm. No compensation sought or accepted.


  1. How fun! It is basically Netflix for magazine lovers. This is such an excellent idea to avoid clutter
    in your home and to keep the weight in your carry-on low while traveling. Thank you for sharing. Great gift idea!

  2. Ok… I was skeptical as I opened the page I confess. But then, I was saying “eureka” ! Something my mom would actually like! She loves magazines (as do I)-She loves her iPad-She is soooo hard to shop for AND she has macular degeneration and needs bigger (and bigger) print!! Stop the presses… perfecto! Thank you Frances and Merry Merry Christmas. xxo

    1. Hi Brooke! Good question that I am not qualified to answer definitively, but a quick goggle question turned up this: And my very quick perusal of the article – though it dates from 2012 – concludes that yes, Next Issue is better than Newsstand. I use Newsstand also for newspapers, and I have two mag subscrips on it. But Newsstand has you subscribing to each mag individually, while Next Issue gives you the whole lot at once, which seems better to me. Anybody else want to chime in on this?

      Merry, Happy to you, too, and everyone at Patina Farm! So beautiful now…

  3. I had “sorta heard about” Next Issue too and was wondering – now I know and am making the hop to check it out! Perfect for a hard-to-buy-for someone on my Xmas list as well. Thank you Frances! Merry merry!

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