Christmas Blessings and the Met’s Creche

The day before leaving New York to come South, I hurled myself straight into denial about everything left undone and marched straight up to the Met to see the fabulous Christmas tree and Nativity scene. All of a sudden those things left undone hardly seemed to matter.

Nativity at Metropolitan Museum

We hear a lot about the importance of “play,” whatever that means to you–reading, looking at art, doing a puzzle, swatting a tennis ball–and how it refreshes and recharges you.

Just seeing this beautiful scene (and the JAR jewelry exhibit after – but I’ll talk about that later) was so inspiring that it completely energized me. I was more focused, less frazzled, and happier. So simple, and such a blessing. Why do I so often forget it? I’ll make remembering it a resolution for 2014.

In the glorious lull after this most glorious season, I’d love to hear about how you “play,” and how it enhances your life. 

Nativity at Metropolitan Museum

Merry Christmas and love, Moi


  1. So wonderful to think of you there doing these wonderful things! I hope you’ve made it safely and happily to Atlanta. Please give all the assembled clan our very best. Christmas blessings… looking forward to seeing you in the New Year!

  2. How I love that is done by a great friend of ours from summers in Wyoming..her Mother, Loretta Howard collected all those beautiful Neapolitan angels and now she installs the tree every year ..breathtaking..
    and as for the JAR exhibit…I cant wait to see it..we had the good luck to go to the showroom in Paris some years ago with a friend who was the client..sadly ..not I ..but what a treat to see his exquisite work..

    1. Wow Weasy you are kidding! I – and I’m sure we all- love knowing that a friend of yours is responsible for this magnificent tree! I will try to remember to ask you about this and do a post on her next year! Merry merry!

  3. Merry Christmas, Frances. Thanks you so much for enriching my life with your posts.
    Ruth Gardner Lamere
    Boston and Key West

  4. Merry Christmas to you and your family. What a treat this blog has been to me this year. Glad to hear you are in Georgia !
    xo Becky

  5. Happiest wishes to you and yours as you gather to enjoy each other and feel the true meaning of this special day. You have added joy to my life all year and thank you for sharing all your talent and creativity with us. Prayers for a wonderful new year. We almost made it to Atlanta but the flu bug came before Santa so we are all nussled in bed!! Hugs.

  6. Oh, the tree, those angels, that Nativity scene, so beautiful! If I remember correctly, there is a wondrous dragonfly in the JAR exhibit. Looking forward to your 2014 posts. A few days after receiving Atlanta at Table (love!), I got Atlanta at Home as an early Christmas present, serendipity at its best. Wishing you, His Grace and the families the Merriest Christmas and a Most Wonderful, Joyous New Year!

    1. Dearest EB, may you have a blessed and magnifico Christmas and New Year, and thank you so much for all your support, love, Frances

  7. Merry, Merry, Merry
    Hope you brought fur to the city. Winter sure reaffirmed in Atlanta. Love your photographs of one of the great gifts to us all, the tree and the angels at the Metropolitan. Does give us that pause we all crave in the rush of the holidays.
    Best to you and your family and thanks for all you write all it!
    Lynn and Dick

  8. Love your Metropolitan tree,but the best is being with you and Tom,he is even more handsome and svelte than when you married,what a beautiful influence you are or maybe the other way ,who knows but you two are the most best I know,Happy Happy New Year and love always MW

  9. Hark the Herald! How lovely & a wonderful reminder that Jesus is the reason for the season.

    How do I have fun??? I love a good prank, a Football Sunday, ACC Basketball, cooking, a cold day with a cracklin’ fire curled up reading Valley of the Dolls or other trashy novels, a hot day digging my toes in the sand & reading Pat Conroy, walking, playing cards, jigsaw puzzles, drinking a dirty martini, hearing a wicked dirty joke & reading your blog!!! I also get great delight in anonymous random acts of kindness; they always make me giddy! Best to you & yours in 2014 ~ Pay it Forward!

    1. Dearest Paige, thank you for this and for your wonderful list of fun. What I love is that fun doesn’t have to be elaborate or complicated, or even expensive. It’s right there at our fingertips and costs nothing but a decision to do it! And YES oh yes on those random acts of kindness. Nothing raises your vibe quicker than they. Love to you and Seeker’s Bazaar, ever your fan, Frances

  10. Christmas would not be Christmas without presents said Amy in “Little Women” but for me is that way without NYC in the season and the visit to Rockefeller Center tree, a visit to the creche in St Patick’s Catherdral and the beautiful Met. creche as well. Oh how I wish I could see the jewelry exhibit as I design or should I say play with metal and beads and the Costume Institute is my favorite in the Met.
    Blessings at Christmas and the New Year to you Frances.

  11. I was so happy to be in Manhattan for 6 wonderful weeks. Seeing the windows reminded me of when I was a little girl. We were poor but Mother would dress us up, grab the street car & look at the animated windows. After we shared sandwiches. I never realized that those moments would remain with me forever. THANK YOU NEW YORK CITY

  12. Hope you are having a happy, safe and healthy Christmas! The tree is gorgeous, but the aura that it sends is indeed over the top. Stay warm and enjoy a nice winter stroll in ATL! After a day of Bananagrams, Tribond and Scrabble, it’s good to get OUTSIDE!

    1. Dear Frances, you are officially the first other Frances Schultz same spelling I have ever communicated with. Thank you very much for writing, and for reading. Al good wishes to you, Cousin 😉

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