Sky-High Resolutions

Sky-High Resolutions

By “the sky,” I mean Who You Are, your heart, your bliss, whatever it is. In this New Year I’m going to keep looking for my whatever-it-is, and I’m going to start letting go of whatever it isn’t.

May you reach for the sky in this New Year, knowing there are many different skies and knowing that the sky can change. This year I’m going to trust that whatever sky I’m in is where I am supposed to be.

Bear with me on the metaphor. (Honestly I was just going to post pretty sky pictures, but I felt compelled to say something.)

Let me be the first, however, to invite you to whip-scroll through and go back to your black-eyed peas. You are making black-eyed peas, aren’t you…

Long Island Winter Sky

Even though I’ll trust “my sky,” if it is raining, I will use an umbrella. If it is thundering, I’ll seek shelter. Trusting your sky does not mean being stupid.

But when it is overcast and uncertain, I’m just going to sit with it, knowing there is a glimmer on a horizon somewhere.

Long Island Winter Sky
Long Island Winter Sky

When it is all puffy and pink with pretty clouds, I’m going to say “thank you, this is just great.”

Sky, View from Rancho La Zaca

When it is ominous or scary, I’m going to say “help.”

Sky, near Santa Barbara, I think…

When it is totally unexpected and beautiful, I’m going to say “wow.”

Sunset at Rancho La Zaca

By the way have you read Anne Lamott’s Help. Thanks. Wow. ? Here is a very cool excerpt from It is a terrific book about simple prayer that is short and has cuss words in it. My kind of prayer book.

Sunset at Rancho La Zaca

And when the sky is fine, but it isn’t what I had in mind, or what I thought I should have in mind, I’m going to say, “All righty then… that is /weird/dorky/uncool/a surprise/disappointment/challenge, but this is what’s in my sky right now. I’m going to look at it, and I’m by dern going to find the beauty in it and not attempt to negotiate another kind of sky.

Sunset at Rancho La Zaca
Sky, on the Way Home 

And when I see a sky so beautiful that I want to take a picture of it, I am going to pull over and do it.

Except when I can’t, like when I’m driving on the 101…

Sky Above the 101 North From Santa Barbara, taken while driving.

I totally do not recommend taking pictures while driving, and I am sure it is against the law in California, which almost everything is. I will probably get in trouble for not having a permit to take a picture of the sky in Santa Barbara County. And when that happens I will say… I cannot repeat it here.

Sometimes I see what I call a Voice of God sky like you would see in the movies, with a big, booming voice talking to Moses or somebody. It is so majestic and powerful and amazing. And then I imagine a voice saying, “Frances, my child, you really should not be taking pictures while driving on the 101…”

“I know, I know, I won’t do it again I promise…”

No but seriously, in this New Year, if I hear the sky talking, I will listen. What I need to make sure of is that I discern the difference between the sky, which is true or divine guidance; and my super-critical egoistic self which has ridiculous standards and discounts every good thing I do. Just sayin’.

Sky Above the Vineyard at Rancho La Zaca

Because the pay-off of that is a rainbow.

Double Rainbow Over Foxen Canyon

Maybe even a double rainbow.

Rainbow Over Rancho La Zaca

By “the sky,” of course I mean Who You Are, your inner voice, the divine, God, your heart, your bliss, your passion, whatever it is. In this New Year I’m going to keep looking for my whatever-it-is, and I’m going to start letting go of whatever it isn’t. I’m going to let go of some of that struggle. That feels a little scary, but good. Maybe touching the sky, whatever that means to you, is easier than it seems. Happy New Year.


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