A Cute Belt-less Option for Going Through Airport Security

Airport security is such a pain. Here’s one little thing to make it easier. If your pants have belt loops and you don’t want to bother on-and-off-ing your belt, try tying a ribbon or small scarf on one of the front loops for a hassle-free polished look. I used one of those narrow silk ties from Hermès, but a small knotted scarf, wide grosgrain or silk ribbon, or even a bandana would do.

Bow instead of belt to breeze through security.
Bow instead of belt to breeze through security.

This of course is meant for those of us who actually still get dressed and do not go places, especially not airplanes, in boxers and t-shirts. Just don’t even get me started on that whole thing. (But I have a feeling you will…)

Meanwhile, here is the tie peeking out from under a short jacket. Cute, right? Maybe we will start something.

Bow instead of belt to breeze through security.
Peeking out from under a short jacket.

Do you remember the story about–was it Babe Paley or C.Z. Guest?– who was wearing a scarf one day when the weather grew warm. She took it off and nonchalantly looped it around her pocketbook, and boom, a look was born.

This is sort of that, maybe? Except I am not Babe or C.Z. about to walk int La Grenouille. I am just me fixin’ to get on an another airplane.

With the summer travel season about to begin, I’d love to hear your tips for making the trek through TSA with style. I know you’ve got some…


  1. Frances, You are more that Babe and C.Z. combined! So glad to have recently discovered your blog. It’s been years and years since our days at Atlantic Beach but I am glad that I can “see” you via the blog. I told Mother about it and showed her your wedding pics. (More than gorgeous BTW!) Then she shared over two hours of “Ruth” stories, and their fab times together. Cheers!
    Peg Corbitt Hardee

  2. Frances, that is a darling idea!!! Thank you so much. For the boxers and tee shirts, I can get on a soap box in a hurry…terrible the way people dress these days. Sound like my mother.

  3. But Frances, you are “our” Babe and CZ rolled into one! The only difference is a newer era and those ladies weren’t so fortunate as to be from the “T-city”. ( Tarboro for your new readers.)
    What a great idea! Bet we see this as a trend very soon. And we will all smile and think of you!
    Your posts always bring a smile and much enjoyment! Thank you!

  4. braless too, of course—–avoids the underwire and hooks…and ALL jewelry in your handbag (WATCH constantly)

    1. But you still have belt loops, and the beauty may be that this does not call attention to the waist, or lack thereof. Waists are overrated anyway. 😉 Thanks for writing, Meerah. And you rock it just like you are. X Frances

  5. This Boston Brahmin Yankee could write volumes about how gross it is to see the way people dress, or do not, for travel. And, of course we sound like our mothers. Totally NOTHING wrong with THAT ! I did the jewelry in purse thing a few years ago and the whole thing disappeared. I kid you not ! It was a nightmare as I missed my plane and lost not only wonderful jewelry, my identification things, but also one of my Louis Vuittons. I think it may be better to just keep the jewelry on until told to take it off and then put in into a tray AND WATCH CAREFULLY.

  6. Dear Frances – Working for a large corporation – I’m stunned at the end of our endless team meetings when all the gals pack their pumps and pull out FLIPFLOPS! Travesty to watch them paddle through the airport w/ pants dragging or skirts that were meant to be worn w/ heels. I’m in favor of black suit jacket worn w/ black leggings and chic sneaks – the kind that don’t really look like sneaks – I’ve seen Reese Witherspoon pull this off brilliantly. FlipFlops belong on the boardwalk.

    To recline or not recline the seat is my question….I find it somewhat rude – what do you think (presume coach seating for this conversation).

  7. p.s. – i’m so smitten w/ your bow idea i just looked down at my shift dress and was sad to not find any beltloops so that I could try it before I go to bed in 2 minutes.

  8. Snappy and cooler than a leather belt. A great use for stacks of scarves and twillys.
    Did I read here previously about just layering all your clothes when flying and going without luggage? Probably cheaper approach. Recent flight out west…wore a dress and the stewardesses couldn’t do too much for me..noted other passengers dressed to pick oranges. It works!

  9. Thank you for the cute idea, Frances! As someone who gets stopped, searched and frisked every time I fly, no matter where I am, this little tip may just help!

  10. I wear slip on shoes, heels or flats, and a pair of thin, dollar store socks into the airport. I hate walking barefoot, even if I am wearing hose, where hundreds of others have walked. As soon as I am through security I toss the socks and quickly slip my shoes on without fumbling with laces or buckles. Another pair of socks for the return trip through security is in my bag.

    Reclining the seat is always a no no IMO.

    Other than a string of pearls, scarves are my jewelery for trips. Love, love, love your scarf idea and all your other wonderful inspirations.

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