The Joys of Moving in New York – Part 2

Ah the Joys of Moving continue. (If you missed the riveting Part 1, it is here.) It has been a few weeks now, albeit with a weekend in Chicago (love Chicago and that beautiful Lake Forest) and last week at the ranch with my sweetheart since it was his birthday. By then I had hit a wall and was getting the kind of satisfaction that can only come from moving one pile of sand to another.

Moving - luggage in a pile
Before: luggage in a pile in the living room

Or one pile of suitcases from one corner to another, in this case the shower. Charming.

Moving - luggage in a pile
After: luggage in a pile in the shower

Not to whine, but my old apartment had closets planned to the inch by moi, and there was a place for everything. Except of course another person. But I’m not giving him back, no sirree.

I am, however, shopping at The Container Store in his honor. Here are my latest closet designs. More charm.

Clothes rack
Clothes rack

I did actually throw one hatbox away. The rest remain in place, with the addition of plastic drawers. Beautiful.

Hatboxes and plastic drawers
Hatboxes and plastic drawers

Here is my lovely ribbon drawer.

Ribbons in cardboard box
Ribbons in cardboard box

I like my steak IN A CLOSET is how I like it.

Upon reflection, I will probably not buy another sarong for a while.

Moving - sarongs in plastic drawer
Sarongs in plastic drawer

The Time Warner guy (don’t get me started), the cable guys (ditto), and the Verizon guy have come and gone. The Verizon man was my favorite. Every time I asked him a question, like “Is there a phone jack in the guest room?” he would answer in such a way as to be 100% un-intelligible. I mean I had no idea what he was saying. The closest I can come to describing it is this:

Tangle of cords and wires

And he was there for-EVER. I finally said well no wonder it’s taking so long, you are lying down every time I see you.

Verizon Man
Verizon Man

Shouldn’t you wait ’til you get home to take a nap? Or are you dreaming of ways to confuse me?

Verizon Man
Verizon Man

As I’ve said, the new apartment is great and has a drop-dead view, but almost all living arrangements in New York involve some kind of compromise… unless you are the people who live in 15 Central Park West across the park from me. Sting lives at 15 CPW, as it is known, and I was wondering if I happened to look over at him through a telescope, and he happened to be looking back, if there would be these two giant eyeballs looking at each other. And he would write a song called “Don’t Stare So Close to Me.”

15 Central Park West
From left is the twin-towered Time Warner complex at Columbus Circle, including Jazz at Lincoln Center; then the Trump building at 1 Central Park West; then the limestone facade of Robert Stern's 15 Central Park West.

I do not actually own a telescope. Yet.

We are working on the closet situation. To be continued…


  1. Roaring with laughter! (If you spy Sting, call me, I’ll be over in 2 shakes of a lamb’s tail!)

  2. Oh dear sweet sister in cardboard containers….we know misery loves company (as long as it is not the Verizon snoozer) but your images here go beyond. I am suddenly enjoying a whole new level of freedom when I stumble (daily)upon my cardboard friend, labeled PINECONES !! Keep smiling and staring out the window ! XO Pete

  3. Frances: Just tell that Cowboy that while you know that things don’t make you happy, you’re a lot happier when you have your things……..and in a closet! I’m sure the transformation will be lovely when you’re finished with it, and I look forward to following it! XXOOXX — Amie

  4. I laughed out loud, in my classroom, while reading(okay, it was my free period)! You are a funny girl–and I am a tough audience!

  5. You always make me laugh so hard! Good luck with your apartment. Please do share the decorating process if you can.

    Warm regards from the Catskill Mountains,

    Emily @

  6. Perhaps the horizontal Verizon man is a good thing? I believe if he can keep to a more reclining- when not just flat out on the floor-position, then his trousers will stay up, saving you from the danger of having certain unsavory visuals permanently burned upon your corneas.

    1. But sarongs are so easily folded, so nice and tidy and consistent. I say keep them all! I wish all my clothes were rectangular.

  7. Just keep on laughing and you’ll be okay! (ps – I like my “steaks” in a closet too – ha!)

  8. i will BUY half of the sarongs!!~!~
    and i have one space saving…closet secret idea that you might like…and i am on my way back to beautiful lake forest from charleston next week,,,love you to see my old charleston house (as it limps toward having current conveniences)….your guest room is ready (& i know lots of your friends will fight over you when you come this way)
    a big hug to you and the “mr”…adrienne

  9. I am sitting here laughing, so happy to know I am in excellent (magnifico!) company! How do you like your steaks? Well, tied up in pretty ribbons, of course! We all know once done, your new nest is going to be fabulous. Thanks for the laughs and keep the posts coming!

  10. You need to do what I did with my luggage. I packed all the small bags in the large bags and stacked them all in the top of the closet. I don’t travel nearly as much as you, though, so it might not work. Good luck with your organizing! Bless your heart!

  11. This made me laugh out loud!! A lot!

    Fantastic inspiration for my NYC move. Can’t wait to come over with my telescope so we can Sting-Spot.

    xo Maddie

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