Win a Wicker Rocking Chair!

Wouldn’t you love a beautiful wicker rocking chair to while away a summer’s eve? You can you feel the peace surrounding you just thinking about it… The stress melting away… The soft, rhythmic motion calming your soul and soothing your spirit… Yes…

Lloyd Flanders, maker of great-looking wicker and woven furniture,  has asked me to be a part of their spring campaign, “Life Happens Outside,” and to co-curate their ideabooks on and here. They’ve also given me this beautiful  ($1,300!) Nantucket Porch Rocker, and I want to find it a good home.

This lovely photo is via the lovely Emily of  The Wicker House, who is joining me with Lloyd Flanders on HouzzThe Wicker House is charming, btw, you will like it if you don’t already.

Lloyd Flanders Wicker Rocker, image via The Wicker House.
Lloyd Flanders Wicker Rocker, image via The Wicker House.

I wish I had a place for it at Bee Cottage, but I just don’t right now. I cannot bring a cantaloupe into that house without taking something out first.  Soooo, I’m giving it away to one lucky reader!

The rocker, not the cantaloupe.



Leave a comment here on “Win a Wicker Rocking Chair” and tell me where you would put the the chair in your house. Be sure to include an email or a way for me to contact you if you win. That’s it!

Wicker rocker detail, via The Wicker House
Wicker rocker detail, via The Wicker House. The quality and craftsmanship are superb.


Okay if you’re really motivated, pin any Lloyd Flanders product on Pinterest with the hashtag #LloydFlanders and leave a comment here with a link to your pin letting me know you did. Up to five comments (= five bonus entries), each with a link to a different pinned Lloyd Flanders images on Pinterest is allowed.


Giveaway is provided by the Lloyd Flanders and will run Wednesday, April 24, through Wednesday evening May 1, 2013, open to all U.S. residents 18 years and older. A winner will be chosen at random using and notified by email. Chosen winner must respond within 48 hours of notification to claim their prize or another shall be chosen. Good luck!

You want this.

LLoyd Flanders Nantucket Porch Rocker, via The Wicker House
LLoyd Flanders Nantucket Porch Rocker, via The Wicker House


  1. I really love white wicker and that rocking chair is a beauty! I would put it right in my little sun room and sit on it as long and as often as I could every day!

  2. My New England farmhouse located in the Rocky Mountains would roll out the red carpet for this lovely rocker. I am blessed with a south and west facing covered porch. I literally live there all summer long with family and friends. My black lab says YES as well! Thanks for this amazing opportunity!

  3. The rocker would be just the thing under the window in my bedroom overlooking the lake and the woods in the northwoods of Wisconsin. A perfect curl up and read spot!

  4. Dear Frances, I recently purchased an awning that will provide shade for late afternoon/early evening entertaining on my deck. I have been searching for the perfect items to enhance this new space and a rocker is on my list along with a chandelier lit with candles.
    When I saw the photo above I said that’s it, that’s the style!!
    Thank you for this exciting opportunity, I look forward to your newletters and enjoy you so much.
    Best regards,Linda Liberi

  5. I am building a new home and my guest room desparately needs this fabulous wicker rocker to compliment my planned decor(blue and white with pink accents)….pleaseeeeeeeeee! 🙂

  6. I would put that beautiful rocker in my little cottage at the beach. I would rock, read and daydream…..until the troops come in asking “what’s for lunch mom “:)

  7. I have two wicker rocking chairs on our screened porch and just love sitting in them. Who wouldn’t want this cozy chair?
    This one I would give to a new mother, Suzanne, and her adorable month-old baby, Eloise. The now family of three is setting up a household in Decatur, GA and this would certainly be a bright spot in a year that has seen the rapid demise of Suzanne’s mother-in-law from frontal lobe dimentia. As always, a birth reaffirms the continuity of the cycle of life. Rock on!

    1. Yes Susie I bet Suzanne and Eloise would nestle right in, a comfort as she and her family bear the cruelties of dementia afflicting a loved one, even amid the joy of new birth. It is sometimes in these small comforts–be they rocking chairs, a bouquet of flowers or a cup of tea–that we find moments of grace. Thank you for writing, and blessings to Suzanne and her family, and you of course! Rock on indeed!

  8. I’d bring this beauty inside to rock a new grand baby, due in October. Its new dwelling would be the sunshiny family room in the Houston home of daughter Sara and husband Mauro, expecting their first child. It might even bear a plaque that claims it as “Gram’s Spoiling Spot.”

    1. Theo! So good to hear from you and your plans to spoil the newest member of your beautiful family. Must say this chair does have baby written all over it. Blessings to you and all.

  9. I just retired from 32 years of assessing child abuse. I would rock my way to serenity in front of my living door window. It faces a park where the sound of children’s laughter would help me to repossess my soul.

    1. Oh Meerah what difficult but noble and important work you have been doing. Just in case this particular rocker eludes you, promise me you will find another, and find many ways to repossess your soul. I promise you it is there and ready when you are. And don’t forget to ask for help when you need it, whether from friends and family or from your angels, your higher power, or whatever or whomever you pray to. All are there for you.

  10. I would love to place this wicker rocker in our family room, to be cherished and passed down to my daughter as an heirloom. And, as a bonus, our last name is Wicker!

  11. I would love this for my sister.
    She has four young children (8 and under) and the youngest has health issues. I would think it would be great in the youngest bedroom. It would be the perfect chair for my sister or my mother to rock the little one to sleep.

    1. Good gracious sounds like your sister has her hands full in more ways than one. Healing thoughts and prayers to her and all her children. Thank you, Maureen.

  12. I would put this rocker on the porch of our summer house in Pawleys Island, South Carolina. The porches at Pawleys are family gathering spots throughout the summer and ours is no different. I sense this rocker needs the ocean breezes.

  13. simply put it on the best front porch around…this chair was made for rockin’, and that’s just what I’ll do!

  14. I’d sit in it to hand finish the aprons I make for The Four O’ Clock Teapot that find their way to friends and charities all over the world.

    1. Wow, Gillian, thank you for this and for letting us know about The Four O’Clock Teapot. Looking forward to learning more about it.

  15. You have so many friends on this blog, sooner or later you’ll be invited to come sit in it somewhere! I would put it by the front door because it says “welcome” to everyone who sees it … And it’s a place to see the sunrise and morning light …

  16. My son and his wife are adding a long front porch to their house. This lovely wicker rocker would grace it beautifully!

  17. What a beautiful rocker. I have a sun porch that would be ideal to sit and rock,Looking at my garden. I am getting older and rocking sounds like a good idea. I have been having some health issues so this is perfect.

  18. Would love to have this charming wicker rocking chair on my back screened porch where I could have a cup of coffee while admiring my flower garden!

  19. In my 115 year-old farm house. Pale turquoise bedroom, white linens, white shabby furniture – huge cabinet with inside painted red, white iron bed, dress models wearing old white dresses, white fireplace with old turquoise ball jars on mantle. This is the chair of my dreams!!

  20. I have a marvelous corner in our bedroom to put a chair such as this in which I could rock my grandchildren. Sing to them, tell stories, or listen to them chatter. What a lovely chair in which to create memories of precious people who are growing much too fast for me. When they are too large to rock, I would sit and absorb the memories made.

  21. That chair reminds me of my sweet grandma. She always loved sitting in her chair with a pan of peas or beans in her lap (when she didn’t have a grandchild available). Now that I am a grandma, I want a rocking “throne” to sit in like hers.

  22. I just moved into the Marietta Georgia version of Bee Cottage (sans swimming pool). Empty rooms abound. I could put the rocker on my sun porch now, and move it to my bedroom in colder months to remind me of sunnier days. I’d enjoy giving the rocker a home in my home!

  23. It’s for ME! The Chair is an almost identical one that my Sister-In-Law, Susan, owned before she lost her home in Bay St. Louis, MS, due to Hurricane Katrina. I would put the chair in my bedroom looking out the back yard and rocking and looking at family pictures of Susan. She was deployed to Afganistan the year before Katrina hit, and sadly she committed sucide on 12/15/12. We miss her deeply!

    1. Oh my goodness, Amy, my heart goes out to you and to the anguished spirit of Susan. May you all move toward healing, and keep rocking along!

  24. I would enjoy, cherish and love this chair. I would put it in my office and rock away the days …I am caregiving my husband and the past three years have been horrid yet filled with all that is knowingly ‘important’ in life. None the less, it is stress filled and I could whittle away the hours dreaming…the porch or bedroom would be fighting for a place too…

  25. I would put it in my sewing/craft room. It would look great with my black and white check floor and window seat.

  26. Hi Frances! Thank you for the opportunity to win this great Lloyd Flanders rocker! You blog is a treat. I would welcome this rocker into my sunroom/office overlooking a forest preserve.

  27. I’m not here to enter the contest, that would be a little unfair of me. I’m here to say Thank you for including my blog address in your post and sharing my pictures. I’m going to share this giveaway on my facebook page, if that’s alright with you. Good Luck to your readers. I love my chair and I know they will as well.
    Emily @ the wicker house

    1. This is so thoughtful of you Emily, thank you. We’ll omit you before the drawing but I did want to share your lovely note with our readers. Pretty is as pretty does. 🙂 Frances

  28. In our new house (if our current house would sell soon…), I would love to use this beautiful rocker in our master bedroom to rock and nurse our newborn, Eden Grace. she is due on May 7th. It would look so serene beside our all white and sandalwood headboard and bedding. Thank you for being so generous! This chair is gorgeous!

  29. I love wicker and have always desired to use it at our retirement beach home. Retirement will be this year. What a way to retire… a rocker on the porch overlooking the water. Awesome dream! Thank you for the opportunity to make my dream come true.

  30. Just built a screened porch on the back of our house and this would be a wonderful addition. Peaceful evenings, rocking away…. makes me relaxed just thinking about it. Thanks!

  31. This is such a lovely wicker rocker, reflects the true wicker of days gone by. I love the striped pillow. This would go perfectly in the nook off of my living room where large windows look out on the property my small cottage is located in. Thank you for your generous and fun give away.

  32. There are 3 places I would like to use this wicker rocking chair. One would be at my mom’s house at the beach at Oak Island North Carolina. Rocking on the porch feeling the warm Atlantic breeze is about as good as it gets! My next choice would be at our family log cabin in the NC mountains. The mouth of the Yadkin River rushes by our cabin, creating the most wonderful sound for rocking and relaxing. Last choice would be in my house where I would use it as a focal point of the guest bedroom, which I would have to finally redecorate in a “cottage-y” style!

  33. I’m not gonna’ put this anyplace but outside and when strollers pass by and look at the old lady with a silly sun hat on her head, a book in her lap and cool drink in her hand, they’ll just nod and smile and say, ‘yes, the world is right and it’s gonna’ be OK.

  34. What a gorgeous rocker! I would love to be able to use this on our screened porch overlooking our back garden! The quality of this wicker looks amazing – thank you for the opportunity!

  35. Beautiful rocking chair. I would put it by the stone fireplace in my bedroom overlooking the gorge in our house in Blowing Rock NC.

  36. This charming wicker rocker would be used in family room of my granddaughter who is expecting twins. Not only would it add beauty and comfort but it would be in constant use. Granddaughter would read and talk about Frances’ blog forever!
    April 24, 2013 9:40 pm

  37. Frances, I showed this to my husband and he said it didn’t appear to have been built for two but he would be willing to put it anywhere in the house, if I agreed to give it a try.

    Rock on,
    Ansley in Atlanta

    1. That is a dream rocker. Perfect for our “Sunset Point” house on the Litchfield Beach creek. It would get to enjoy some spectacular sunsets. Hope you can come with it and enjoy!
      Hugs, Trish xoxo

  38. Frannie how can you exclude your African fans?!
    I would put it on my stoep which has an unsurpassed view of Table Mountain. I would then quietly nod off sipping a good single malt with the strains of Delbert McClinton playing in the background!

    1. Oh dear, Paul, by the time the shipping and customs wee accounted for you could sooner build a rocking chair factory right there in South Africa. But what a lovely picture you paint of Table Mountain and a touch of Scotch, and Delbert McClinton to boot. xo Frances

  39. I have always liked Lloyd Flanders products (had a beach cottage furnishing company years ago with a good friend and we used them a lot!) This beautiful chair would fit perfectly in a room where we moved furniture out to another house, as a matter of fact it is the perfect chair for that room.

  40. In the summer I would rock on my front porch while listening to the ocean waves and in the winter I would rock in my sunroom dreaming of the return of summer.

  41. I would place this lovely rocker in my guest bedroom; it would go so well with the antique bed and side table . Thanks Frances for the giveaway!

  42. What a wonderful gift this would be for my three granddaughters porch. I can see them waiting patiently for their turn to rock and dream about the things little girls dream about. They know I love chairs, and this would be my way of passing on the love of chairs to them.

  43. I would put this wicker rocker in our 3rd bedroom in our home here in Virginia. It is a nursery and the rocker would fit perfectly in with our wicker decor for that room in soft whites and tan shades… we have the desk, trunk, trash can, mirror, and dresser already. It would complete the room and all it would need now it baby to arrive! My email is worthystyle at gmail dot com.

    Thank you for the generous giveaway opportunity whether I win or not.

  44. The name has arrived for Baby Lila to tinkle in the toilet. She is pleased with the notion, but once properly seated, she’s apt to turn her thoughts to conversation and music. This comfy rocker will be perfect for ensuring my patience as it rocks me slowly, right next to the toilet, the faucet drips suggestively and we chat and sing away the minutes until the tinkle finally comes…a true boon to potty training at grandmama’s

    1. Lila, I have fallen over laughing and can hear you saying every word of this. LORD, some grandmama you. Love to you, Frances

  45. We are hoping to buy our first home this summer and I would love to relax in this rocker on the porch!

  46. It would be the perfect “Gigi” only chair to add to my daughter’s house she is restoring in Round Hill Va. It would be perfect on her surrounding porch to take in the views of the Blue Ridge mountains while enjoying my sweet tea and her lovely gardens. In winter months it would be moved indoors to the guest room I use when there. It is just the perfect piece for the era of her house and wicker is very much her thing. She collects old wicker pieces and restores them.

  47. I love the chair – and your blog. I would put the chair in my sunroom – and sit and rock in the evenings – and the mornings – and possibly the afternoons. I’m not on Pinterest as my 14 year old son has hijacked my account (which HIS facebook acct is tied to – long confusing story) – but again, I do love the chair. Thanks for the giveaway.

  48. I became a grandmother recently. She is the love of my life. I would love to rock her to sleep in this beautiful chair.

  49. I wouldn’t put this chair in one place…I would move it around with the sun…front porch in the morning, screened porch in the afternoon.Until I decided where I liked it best!

  50. I love wicker and I would put this beauty in my
    newly renovated bedroom.
    There is nothing like a good rocker to ease the
    days stresses or rock a baby to sleep.

  51. My sister Melissa is pregnant with her first child. My nephew will arrive in July and I would love for him to be rocked to sleep in this beautiful rocking chair. So if I won this rocking chair I would put it in my sister’s nursery!

  52. It is a beautiful chair and I would love to have it for our house. Instead I would give it to dear friends in appreciation for their continuing hospitality and generosity, inviting us each year to join their family (now in its fifth generation there) in Summer activities at their glorious rambling early 20th century shingle-style house in Nantucket (appropriate enough!). One porch overlooks a rose-bordered lawn for croquet or badminton; another faces the grasses and dunes flanking the ocean. The chair in either place would always say ‘thank you.’

  53. I would love to enter to win the beautiful rocker. I would put it in my living roomm since my deck is not covered. I could sit and rock and relive all the times and all nights of rocking my 4 babies, plus I have also rocked all of my grandchildren. Warm and fuzzy, indeed.

  54. The quintessential rocker! Looks just right for reading, soothing my new baby (due in October) or scanning the Pacific for a slow boat from China. This West Coast cousin would give the Nantucket rocker a happy forever home. Frances, thank you for this generous opportunity — and your ongoing generosity of spirit in your delightful blog.

  55. I would love that easy wicker rocker for my beach house in morehead city, nc. Marian grey, my neighbor, would have so much fun rocking when she spends the night watching nickelodeon. Fingers crossed.

  56. I have just retired having taught for 40 years. This could be the beginning of a ‘rockin’ good retirement.

  57. I am so glad I found your blog when I did as it has helped me be so Inspired & remember that there is all sorts of beauty out there to see, taste & feel. Thank you so much Frances. You touch people probably more than you realize. And I love to rock me and my old dog who will be 15 soon. Thank you again. Peace.

    1. Thank you, dear Andrea, for your kind words and for inspiring me to continue. It is you and notes like yours that remind me what I’m here for. Peace to you also, Frances

  58. I love your Bee Cottage and just came across your blog from Hooked On House blog. I also love wicker rockers, I’m a retired school counselor and I had a few in my office for my middle schoolers. I gave them to some students when I retired. Thanks for the opportunity to win a replacement.

  59. Frances,
    How did you know that I had a wicker problem? I would love to have a rocker for the new sun-room in N.C.. I am sure my husband will probably claim it if I happen to be lucky enough to win.
    xo, Lissy

  60. I would love to win the rocking chair – maybe for a future grandchild!!! Wouldn’t that be grand? Thank you for sharing your blog. I SO enjoy reading it!!! Sincerely, Jill

  61. This beautiful chair reminds me of the one on my grandmother’s enclosed sunporch upstairs. I lived there as a young child and remember my daddy rocking me to sleep and singing in his beautiful tenor voice. Would not it be a grand thing to replicate that scene with my grands ( since my children are too grown)? I am great at rocking but would probably have to work on the singing. Always love to see what is happening in your world!

  62. In mid-July I’m taking on a new role as CEO of the YWCA of Metro Atlanta. We run a homeless shelter for women and their children as well as an early learning center. The rocker would go there, where adults can rock with a book in one hand and a child nestled in the opposite arm and instill the love of reading. It wouldn’t exactly be in “my house” but in “our house,” and it would be cherished and greatly appreciated.


  64. It is a beautiful rocker. I will put it on the front porch of my Virgina farmhouse and watch the sunset behind the mountain.

  65. It would be lovely on our second floor covered porch drinking coffee, watching Texas thunderstorms and listening to the mockingbirds/mourning doves. Of course that would be if my 80 pound yellow lab hadn’t claimed the best seat in the house!

  66. I would put the rocker on our covered porch right off the kitchen….along side Parham’s grandmother’s 80 year old rocking chair. We got it from Aunt Blanche who weighed 300 pounds. She made a wicked lemon meringue pie and Parham says her kitchen smelled like bacon. The porch overlooks Parham’s garden ( I’m the weeder) and I envision that we would sit, drink coffee and watch all his beautiful flowers grow!

  67. Oh, I’d have to keep this treasure indoors, alongside the alcove where the sweetest, softest morning light gradually peeps through, even if it’s right in the middle of Raleigh. If this is a good rocker, we’ll make a midsummer trip to Blowing Rock, but won’t hang around for cold fall weather.
    If Preacher & Partner visit, I’ll tell them it came from Frances…

  68. Got to have it.
    You should sell it Frances!
    But I’ll be happy when I get it and “store” it for you until u want it back.
    Happy Spring!

  69. I would put this rocker by the window in my beach house so I could rock and relax! Perfect chair to look out at the ocean.

  70. Frances, I know exactly what I would do with that rocking chair. First, it would stay in my house for just one day, probably in my bedroom so I could enjoy it a teensy bit. Then I would put it in my car and take it to my stepfather Larry, who recently turned 90. He was already 70 when we married my mother, and when I asked him what drove him to interrupt his idyllic life as a bachelor artist in Chicago, he told me “I love living on the edge with your mother” and that he certainly has without a single complaint. My mother has taken him all around the world, not just on the Grand Tour but to places like Iran and Russia to visit children’s hospitals and orphanages, bringing medical supplies and doctors, and then bringing back my Chinese sister Ying-Ying, who considers him her true dad. All of this galavanting and good deeds cost him nearly all of his savings, but seems to have improved his heath. He should now have a place of brilliant repose to enjoy the coffee he isn’t supposed to drink while he reads the Times. When I saw the chair I thought of Larry immediately, because he was a very successful textile artist, and the kind of man who isn’t afraid to wear pink. So I know that he would appreciate the beautifully woven wicker, and he would LOVE the color. And that Frances, is exactly what I would do with that chair. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to write this. Fondly, Lyric

  71. I’d love a wicker rocker for my porch, but I would probably place it in my kitchen–a comfy place to relax and have a cup of tea!

  72. Lovely rocker! Right off I can think of several places I could use it, but my porch would be first choice. I’ld have a place to sit while I visit with my neighbor’s cat.

  73. Beautiful rocker! I would put it in the bay window in the alcove off the licng room. Perfect for reading!

  74. I hope it’s not too late to enter… I would give the chair to my wife who is now 3 months pregnant… She would love it. It would sit next to the window so she could use it to rock our child to sleep (hopefully!). When the child grows, we could then move the rocker to our house in the Adirondacks.

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