The Easter Bear

Have you ever. Can you pick me? I pretty much look the same. Same fat cheeks, little nose, and big mouth. Why is my hair sticking out on the sides like that? Did my mama do that on purpose? Was I going through a Hasidic phase? And who cut those bangs?

Miss Bobbi's Bunnies
From the legendary Miss Bobbi's school of dance in Tarboro, NC, from left, your truly, Patricia Campbell, Sally Davis, Jenny Ernst, and Ellen Clark. I think.

So many questions.  When I checked in with my darlin’ childhood friend Sally, (above, middle), who sent me this photo, she politely suggested we were bears, not bunnies, and proffered further that we danced to “Teddy Bears on Parade,” the lyrics to which include several refrains of “hug me hug me hug me.”

I was crushed. Not bunnies? No amount of pleading deterred Sally, a paragon of integrity  blessed with prodigious memory. Impressive to say the least.

The ears are definitely more bear than bunny. I see that now. But I had been so tickled about posting this that I did not have the heart to change it. Funny how we fix on a thing.

But I did not want to deceive you. Thanks to Easter our sins are forgiven for all time, so it’s a good time to come clean.

Hallelujah Easter to you all. Bears, too. xo




  1. Hello, Frances-
    Sweet! And YOU look just like ME at that age! And bang cutting looks eerily familiar…happy Easter to you and Tom-
    Pam (and Eames)

  2. frances, you look so much like your mama in this photo and now! always beautiful! hoppy easter!! xoxo

  3. Happy Happy Easter.Saw Duvall,Ruth and Molly at sunrise Easter service on the beach this morning.xoxoMW

  4. Oh Frances, that is precious. I think we went to he same hairdresser “beauty salons” back then though I never could figure out why? Saw the handsome HG at service this morning, did not see you? I was hiding in the kitchen hosting. Happy Easter to you, I hope your day involves some time with lilac!! XXOO P

    1. Hey Ellen! Oh my goodness I didn’t realize your precious mama made those costumes. They are wonderful. You are so cute and look so happy in the photo. I got a huge kick out of it and hope you did too. I am so glad you wrote, thank you. Love, Frances

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