Double Rainbow Delight

We don’t get that much rain in the Sant Ynez Valley, so when we do it’s great. Everything turns green and stays that way for a while, generally between December and March. Some days when the showers taper off in late afternoon and the sun’s rays slant across the hills, it’s like they’re shining through honey. When the light is magical like that you know there’s a rainbow about to happen somewhere. Maybe even two.

Rainbow Over Rancho La Zaca
Double rainbow Over Rancho La Zaca

We had one of those days last week as I was driving home on Foxen Canyon Road, and it was so spectacular people were stopping all along the road to take pictures or just to stand there and take it in. A double rainbow arcing across the heavens that you could see from end to end. Now there is a pot of gold if ever there was.

Rainbow Over Rancho La Zaca
Rainbow over the Oak Savanna Vineyard at Rancho La Zaca

It’s like an Instagram from God. With my finger in the bottom left corner:

Rainbow Over Foxen Canyon
Rainbow over Foxen Canyon

And one more time, because how can you get tired of looking at a rainbow?

Rainbow Over Foxen Canyon
Rainbow over Foxen Canyon

Speaking of God, when I got home I had an email from Partner (the spouse of Preacher, for new readers) who has a beautiful singing voice. He sent me a short video of the rainbow accompanied by his singing guess what. Whereupon I fell out of my chair with the giggles. Dorothy would have been proud.


  1. God just knows how to paint a picture. What an artist.
    Thank you for a wonderful start to this new week.

  2. Well, it is Official – You ARE in God’s Country!! I think I could even see that pot of gold behind that beautiful old Oak in the vineyard. thanks for passing on all the colors & the honey!
    xo laurette

      1. yes – the miracle of light… natural light – the light is always changing and it is a joy to witness it and a challenge to paint it!!!

  3. Spectacular, beautiful! That “honey” light is one of the things I miss most about my home state. Have never seen its equal anywhere. Keep those pictures (and posts) coming, they sure do perk up my day! Partner sounds like quite the character, I remember his “And also with y’all” t-shirt, love that!

  4. Beautiful! So often I find myself driving off the road while digging for the camera that is perpetually elsewhere during one of these fleeting inspirational moments. Kinda like fallin’ off your chair, without the serenade! glad you got the shots though!!

  5. We are so lucky to live in one of the most beautiful places in the world! The Central Coast is truely magical, your pictures are great, and description ‘s are perfect!

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