Nativity Scene No Place for a Peanut: Part II – I Take It Back

For not the first time, a reader has proven me wrong. Jewelry designer Sissy Watson wrote in response to Tuesday’s post, Nativity Scene No Place for a Peanut that I might want to reconsider that headline, because she in fact had a crêche with all the characters made from peanuts. I asked her please to send a photo.

I am not making this up.

The one on the right is Mary, and that’s Joseph on the left. I think. Then the baby Jesus of course. And we all know what happened when he came out of that shell.

Sissy Watson's Peanut Nativity
Sissy Watson's Peanut Nativity

And lest you think I’m nuts (ahem) please see Tuesday’s post, Nativity Scene No Place for a Peanut: Part I, if you haven’t already, and this will all make sense.

By the way, when Sissy is not slaving away over peanut crêches, she makes cool, modern jewelry at White Tulip Studio – have a look.  Thanks again, Sissy.



  1. Frances,
    You can brighten any day!
    There is a a problem of losing the small items and pitching out with the packing. My most amusing childhood friend lost baby Jesus too. It was always thought there was a rat in the attic who got it and all the Christmases later we still thought that..Think the packer #8 should have a baby Jesus and a spare with each nativity.
    On a Christmas cruise south one year we stopped in St. Croix. A little girl about 5 was on shore selling a coconut hulled out with clay hand rolled, handpainted figures. We didn’t know who was who. Primitive and adorable and my favorite amongst a collection of nativity scenes.
    Yours for your first and always happily married Christmas is beautiful.

  2. Sweetest nativity scene ever! Love your thought about Jesus coming out of his shell. Merry Christmas and thanks for sharing!

  3. Well, i find the combination a hoot, seashell and peanuts; i live in peanut country and an short drive from the Gulf coast; this is precious decorating! will forward to friends!

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