Happy Thanksgiving From Rancho La Zaca

Cowboy, aka His Grace my husband, said he reckons there is not a pumpkin left in the Santa Ynez Valley. Would you believe after the car load I bought Tuesday (see last post) I had to go back for more? It takes an awful lot of pumpkins to decorate this here house, is all I can tell you. More to come… Meanwhile have a wonderful, blessed, delicious day.

Mantle decorated for Thanksgiving at Rancho La Zaca
Mantle decorated for Thanksgiving at Rancho La Zaca


  1. Have a wonderful day at the Ranch! Hope you all enjoy the turkeys !!! So much to be thankful for this year, glad to share my joyful life with you!

  2. It’s delicately gorgeous… the lighting fabulous! ! You are inspiring Frances. God blessings to everyone this holiday season! xx Joan /Seattle

  3. Oh, Frances! One of the many things I am thankful for today is reconnecting with you! Your blog and your friends’ comments are wonderful and so very inspiring! I love Alejando’s mention of Cornucopias. My Mother always used them and I’ve been trying to find some. She died last winter (at 98.5) and this is the first holiday without her, so I’ve really been missing her. Not too many friends or family like to decorate and ”carry on” these days, so your blog is extra special for me. Bet your Mom and your Uncle Dubba are looking down today and soooo proud of you! Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!
    PS….agree about the spray paint. A little gold spray paint always does wonders!

    1. Dear Cathryn, thank you for this wonderful note… and oh, how I understand your missing your mama. 98 is a hell of a run, but we are never prepared for them to go, dammit. You are precious to mention Mom and Dubba – Lord, not a day goes by… Keep decoratin’ and carryin’ on. They will love you for it. Love, Frances

  4. Frances, you are too cute! Enjoy all your “people” around you during this wonderful Thanksgiving season! We have rented a house at Corolla and we are enjoying one another….that’s what it’s all about. Like your pumpkins….we have a tacky turkey from Dollar Tree…I guess it’s the thought that counts, right?

    1. Enjoy those beautiful Outer Banks, Hazel, Dollar Tree turkey and all! Yes, it is the thought that counts – that and a sense of humor! x Frances

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