“Autumn Is a Second Spring With Every Leaf a Flower.”

“Autumn is a second spring with every leaf a flower.” Albert Camus said that, and I never heard it until this very autumn. Bust my britches. Camus probably never said bust my britches, which in French would be something like Eclatez mes pantalons! Now I’m certain he never said it. Did you know Camus was the second youngest recipient of the Nobel prize for literature? After Rudyard Kipling. Kipling might have said bust my britches.

But (butt?) back to autumn. It’s my favorite season. This beautiful photo is by my friend, designer and fellow blogger Lissy Parker.

Photo posted by Lissy Parker on October 24, 2012
Lissy Parker blogAmazing Fall color–never get tired of this view

It’s a view of “Old Bald” outside her kitchen window in Cashiers, North Carolina. Her blog is delightful, by the way, as is she. Visit her here.

Thanks, Lissy!


  1. My daughter recently sat on Lissy’s gorgeous porch and enjoyed this lovely view with a fabulous cup of early morning coffee in her flannel jammies!! BTW- Lissy’s blog is sublime. I look forward to every post!! Her recent transformation of a ’70s era mountain house has been remarkable. Her photography is equally distinctive. Those of us who have benefitted from her exceptional taste and terrific design advice are too lucky!

  2. Love seeing Old Bald. Reminds me of our wonderful visits to see Elizabeth at Camp Merrie-Woode. Chugawump!

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