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How brilliant is it to have your entrance double as the dining room. Think about it. It’s a pass-through space but otherwise un-used, and yet you want it to be pretty because you’re in it at least several times a day. So if you have the luxury of determining its dimensions, make it a little wider and let it double as your dining room. Santa Ynez Valley designer and friend Dede Wood’s house is featured in Santa Barbara magazine this week, and a beautiful feature it is. Here’s a preview, with the rest to follow soon.

Dede Wood Entrance Hall
Dede Wood's entrance hall, doubling as dining room

I posted a while ago about Valerie Smith’s East Hampton dining room – a similar situation. Not an entrance hall but a sort of central hall otherwise unoccupied, like this one. I feel so strongly that we should preserve dining rooms, but we have to be practical about them nowadays lest they become relics of lifestyles past.

We have all sorts of excitement at the ranch this week, I’ll tell you about that, too. If you don’t die from the suspense first…

But before I go, may I say that Santa Barbara magazine is just fantastic? Seriously. Whether you live in the area or not, it’s stylish, chic beautifully designed and well-written. The magazine business is a challenge these days to say the least. Brava to Publisher Jennifer Hale and Executive Editor Gina Tolleson for their vision and perseverance.


  1. Love, love, love that chandelier, reminds me of a fairy’s pagoda and the tangerine and rose throw on the chair, just beautiful!

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