Flowerful Aspen and People From Texas

I knew Aspen would be pretty in the summer but I was surprised by how pretty. There are flowers everywhere, spilling over sidewalks, billowing from containers, bordering lawns, bursting from window boxes.

Aspen Flowers
Cosmos, petunias, asters, oh my!

We nipped out here for a short while to catch up with my Cowboy’s good buds from all over and to have a reunion of sorts of our Burgundy biking group. (For new readers His Grace the Cowboy is my sweetheart). A lot of ’em are from Texas, including His Grace’s first wife who is also named Frances if you can believe. She is my bud too, now, and lucky for me.

Aspen Flowers
Ruby B Begonia! Sometimes coleus is just great, and this deep ruby-leafed variety is one of 'em. Begonias peeking out below.

I always liked Texas people. One time, years ago, I was getting ready to go to Houston to lecture for Veranda I think back when I was their editor-at-large. It was my first trip there. I was at home in Tarboro (NC) visiting Mama beforehand. She said, “Yes Texas people are cute. They’re a lot like people from North Carolina.” And I said, “Yes, but they have better jewelry.”

Aspen Flowers
Aspen foliage and chipmunk
Aspen Flowers
Cosmos, petunias, pansies - and what else? Anyone?

Texas people are good storytellers, too. I’ve got one I’m saving for y’all  for when there’s a lull in the conversation…

Aspen Flowers
I love this salmon-colored variegated nasturtium. Did you know nasturtiums are edible?
Aspen Flowers
More petunias(?) and dusty miller, right?

Well we sure had a good time. It is mighty nice when you like your sweetheart’s friends as much as he does. And if they like you back, that’s good, too.

Aspen Flowers
Coneflowers, rudbeckia, or Echinacea - valued for its immunity-boosting and healing properties.

We’re back at the ranch now, and it’s hot.

Aspen Mountain in summer
Bye-bye Aspen


  1. I so love cosmos and nasturtiums, and zinnias, anemones, lantana, callicarpa, etc.
    Also delphinium, hollyhocks,white hydrangea, etc.

    1. I know a few – MA here on the other hand really does know them all… We did have a great trip. Quick but fun. Thank you dear Hollye. xox

  2. Oh these flowers are so beautiful! They must have water there (wink wink) BTW, I am planning to retire to Texas (after I go back to work) and am so glad you like Texans, phew! Have you ever listened to Mary Sue Koontz’s stories, laugh till you cry, then cry more. Glad you had fun. xo Pete
    Made your fabulous cucumber soup with a 19″ armenian (I think they’re really from Chernobyl) cucumber, just adore that recipe.

    1. Pete you are the best! I will definitely look up Mary Sue Koontz, thank you! And where on earth did you get that cucumber…

  3. I always love Aspen,especially in the summertime. Between the fresh dry air and the floral landscapes, it can’t be beat. Hope the bears behaved and stayed in the woods for y’all!

    1. Hi Lee and thank you so much for writing! Always great to hear from a St Mary’s girl and a Tarboro connection. xo Frances

  4. Beautiful photos! I have a friend who calls nasturtiums “nasty urchins” and makes a lovely salad with them, which he got from Victoria magazine.

    1. Nasty urchins! I love it! And I bet the salad is good too. I think they need to be on the small/young side for salads and such; otherwise they can be bitter. Wonder what your friend says about that? Wonder if he’d share his recipe?

  5. I am sure you have noticed my husband is from Texas. No one tells a story in more detail and length then does! The flowers are breathtaking!!

  6. ahh, aspen. spent a week there last august and another this june. have never photographed so many flowers in my life. i have to find the clematis and hollyhock photographs i took and share. magical. thanks for sharing your pics!
    signed, yours truly, a native texan ensconced in georgia

    1. Clint, so nice to hear from you, and I hear you about photographing the flowers! I was driving the Cowboy crazy stopping every three steps. Would love to see your clematis and hollyhock! 🙂 Frances

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