Instagram 7 Aug 2020

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Can you believe His Grace, aka Francis of Assisi (ahem omitting the “Saint” but only because would ruin his rakish reputation) took this amazing photo?! What you cannot see is his shoe and Perrier bottle, which did not make the cut, but that’s how close he was. Been luring him in for days he says. My pocket guide to spirit animals says when hummingbird appears “You need to be very flexible with the twists and turns your life will take in the next days. Put more emotional sweetness in your life—you need it. You’re going through some very heart opening kinds of experiences, and you’ll naturally draw more love into your life.. Openly express the love you have and feel for those important in your life…” Thank you for those words @drstevenfarmer and thank you for the photo @tomdittmer

7 Aug 2020

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