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I did not want to be left behind the posting of glamorous selfies, of which One has scads, but this may be my favorite. The warthog keeps me grounded and humble, reminds me not to get too caught up in appearances, because what’s more empowering for a woman than that? (Well I can think of a few things but roll with me here) I challenge us all to empower ourselves and support empowering others. Two organizations dear to my heart are @empowersafrica that supports not only wildlife conservation but income generating activities, education and healthcare for women and girls; and @ibumovement supporting women artisans around the world and conveying beautiful handcrafted clothes, jewelry and accessories. I challenge you to take a minute now to donate to or advocate now for a cause or close to your heart, and I salute and love you for it. And let us know if you do! And thank you! Photography @laurenpretorius #blackandwhitechallenge #blackandwhiteselfie #womenempowerment #womensupportingwomen

1 Aug 2020

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