It’s Here and It’s Yummy !!!!!!

Wildly anticipated… at long last… just in time for the holidays… TA-DA!!!
California Cooking and Southern Style was released yesterday and we are all a-buzz here at Rancho La Zaca. ESPECIALLY about the first official post-publication review in the Head Butler... Click on it. It’s short, I promise, and it includes three free recipes! Here’s a picture of one… And then come back here.

Bread and Butter Pudding, a darling of the CCSS repertoire. Caution: contains chocolate.

Oh good, you came back. So, a book release is both exciting and scary, because you know, what will people say–and write!–once it’s officially out there. It can be character-building, to say the least. But we all need to learn that what other people think of us is none of our business. Take that woman who said about my last book, The Bee Cottage Story: “When I got to the end of this book, I could not see a reason why it was ever written.” Srsly. That was my favorite.

But meanwhile, in his you-gotta-read-it Head Butler blog, Jesse Kornbluth has put me over the moon. Makes up for all the meanies, past and future, and I promise my mother did not put him up to it, God rest her soul. At least I don’t think she did. Hmm. Anyway world-class journalist and acclaimed author Jesse susses out THE coolest books, music, movies, gizmos, and what all you didn’t know you had to have, and everyone loves it and so will you. The reading of it alone is a pleasure, because he’s such a darn good writer. So this post is a thank you to him, and not just for reviewing my book. It is also for Head Butler’s tremendous service to all of us, dear reader. If you are not already a Head Butler fan, you’ll be henceforth hooked. You’re welcome.

Another recipe in Head Butler’s post is…

Chile Verde and all the fixin’s is another CCSS crowd-pleasing favorite.

The adorable Butler is supported by orders via his blog, and I wholeheartedly support you (and him) in it. If you’d like a FREE personalized, signed book plate from moi, for yourself or those on your gift list, I will dispatch to you straightaway if you’ll send me your mailing address via here. Two birds with one stone. Love that.

And love you, my readers, and so grateful to you for your support and interest, and for gathering with me here, and on Instagram, and sometimes even in person. Good, happy gathering is really what California Cooking and Southern Style is about, after all.


Me, with a lamb roast. Better of the roast than it is of sweaty me, as it should be…

Grace to you,


    1. Hello Dear Sandra! So happy to hear from you and would love you to have a book! Signed copies available via here:
      Or you can order via Head Butler, and I will mail you a signed book plate. LMK your preference. Head Butler link here:
      Hope all is well with you and Carey and family! I hope to come to Tarboro this spring.

    Will look forward to purchasing…………as for that woman she most likely is VERY UNHAPPY and Jealous all wrapped up into ONE!

    1. Thank you darling Contessa! If you are in the area I will be signing at the Margerum Tasting Room across from the Hotel Californian tomorrow, Nov 21, from 5 to 7. Love to have you. xo Frances

  2. Would it be possible for the author to deliver bread & butter pudding to my front door in West Hollywood??!! xoxo

  3. Dear Frances: My long-anticipated book arrived yesterday! I am so thrilled to have it and it is beautiful. I am so proud of you for sharing all of the lovely recipes and your wonderful Southern humor. I stayed up late reading and thumbing through the book, and I swear I gained 5 pounds just overnight! All my best to you and Tom for a wonderful Holiday Season.


  4. I have just ordered 5 books for Christmas gifts and another copy of The Bee Cottage. I ordered it when it came out, but not inscribed. I loved it and the meanie woman just didn’t get IT! So, I ordered another (mine is in storage)…long story. Kudos to you Francis, you make life more beautiful with your many talents. Love, Elaine

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