(So Good You Want to) Slap Yo’ Mama

The last time I was in LA for meetings I spied this food truck parked along the street. It must be good.

Slap Yo' Mama food truck in LA
This is a serious endorsement.

A hundred years ago when I was working for Style Weekly in Richmond, I laughed out loud reading a restaurant review by the brilliant and adorable George Stoddart – no longer with us, alas – who wrote that something (I’ve forgotten) “was so good it’ll make you want to slap your grandma.” Well I’ve been saying it ever since, albeit sparingly, as the expression signifies the highest praise – the equivalent of Lin on Dancing With the Stars awarding a “10.”

Now with Mother’s Day just behind us… Heck, even if the food isn’t good, I bet the people running it are a hoot. I mean, who would name a business “Slap Yo’ Mama”? I want to meet them.

May you this week eat, do, make, see, feel, hear, touch something so good you’ll want to… you know.


  1. This made me laugh OUT LOUD. Hilarious!
    This week is going to be ALL ABOUT eating, doing, making, seeing, feeling, hearing and touching things so good that I’ll…you know.
    Off with another Indagare adventure. Wish you were going to be with us!

    1. Oh HOllye you are the BEST, thank you! I wish I were on your trip, too… This one to Russia, yes?… And for all out there who want to know about a wonderful travel website – check Indagare!

  2. Gosh Frances – reading your reference to your work at Style Weekly certainly takes me back! So here’s a question for you from that time span. As I’ve become “grandmother” to a lab puppy I’ve been thinking of that sweet lab you and Trigg had but for the life of my I cannot remember that dear dog’s name. I can see her as though it were yesterday. And I can hear Trigg talking to, reprimanding her but can’t quite get that name. Help me out.

  3. Hi Frances,
    I am in Richmond and remember George Stoddart.
    He was a character and I know still missed. The
    Virginia Historical Society is hosting any food
    truck(there are an unbelievable number in Richmond) to their parking lot on Wednesday nights
    this summer. I know it will be a huge hit. You probably haven’t been to Richmond in years, but
    Virginia Museum and the Historical Society have
    both undergone huge multi-million expansions.
    Come visit!

    1. Oh Barbara I so hoped a George Stoddart fan would see this. And yes I know Richmond’s wonderful cultural institutions have become even more remarkable! Richmond is a great place. Thank you, Barbara.

  4. Too funny, and good advice, but seeing that tomorrow is my Momma’s birthday (84!) I’ll hold off one more day. She is coming over for her favorite, Nancy Silverton’s eggplant, tuna and anchoiade sandwich, which all things considered would definately call for a big slap!!

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