Bye-Bye Bahamas – Watercolor of Palm Trees

Bye-bye Bahamas. On the way back to New York–and (ahem) more substantive posts. (Thank you for your patience.) Meanwhile, parting shot is a quickie study of the palm trees outside my door. I’ll miss them…

Palm Trees in the Bahamas, by Frances Schultz
Palm trees outside my door...

Watercolor sketch of palm trees, Frances Schultz
And a sketch to remember them by...

Note to self: Resist the tendency to wimp out on the colors. Live and learn. And paint.


  1. Beautiful! You are an inspiration. I am a new! I am a mother of two precious young children, wife, and Seattle-lite. Thank you for your sweet contributions to life! Merci!

  2. I love it, I need it, I want it, Got to have that watercolor! Beautiful & Talented, too. That’s my Frannie! xx

  3. Oh Frances . . . I just saw this beautiful watercolor. I hope you had a lovely time. It seems so far away and I haven’t even been home a week. Welcome back and spring in NY definitely has another kind of beauty. I would love to see a watercolor sketch of the garden at Bee Cottage.

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