First Growth

Back to the ranch after three days in Colorado. We had finally gotten some much needed rain in the Valley and as we left there was snow on the mountains around us. The countryside turns green in a minute when the rains come, so it was especially beautiful to come home to.

Mountain view from Rancho La Zaca
Rancho La Zaca going green

Out in the vineyard, the grapes are peeping out with their leaves.
Grapevines in spring
First growth


  1. Just received Parisian Chic and can hardly wait to snuggle up and read my fashion bible! thank you my darling.

  2. Frances-
    I ordered that Caramel cake you love, for a family birthday. Amazing. Talk about Rich and Fabulous. YUM
    Sara Adams

  3. Just curious…did that yummy caramel cake come from Caroline’s Cakes?! If so, that Caroline is my first cousin. If not, y’all should google Caroline’s Cakes and try her divine eats!

    1. Get out! We’ve been ordering them from the get-go. I should do a story on her sometime – not that she needs any press… xo

  4. Oh my gosh…just read this post…I’m a little behind! But I know Caroline too! And that caramel cake is our fave! I used to always have one in the freezer, you know, just in case!

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