For Downton Abbey Devotees

Sunday nights just aren’t the same. There’s just a big, gaping hole in my TV-watching heart without William and Mary, Lord Grantham, and the dowager countess et. al. to curl up with after supper. And I am a wreck about poor–and surely innocent!–Mr. Bates languishing in a wretched jail, excuse me gaol, even as I write.

Free Mr. Bates
My sentiments exactly.

As we like to do on Sunday nights, last night we had the Preacher and Partner to dinner. Partner and I share an affinity for the public television series Downton Abbey. When he presented me with this button, honey it could have come from Harry Winston himself. I shall wear it with dignity befitting the noble Mr. Bates until Downton Abbey resumes in January.

As for His Grace, despite the fact that his title correlates with that of a duke, he has watched exactly 12 minutes of one episode, and that was the World War I battle scene, which he thought was “pretty good.” Otherwise he would rather go to the dentist.


  1. YOU are what I want to be!!! SOOOO much in common though ..Both Frances’…I love the country/cottage/Tuscan look….I love Nate Burkus’ Show…and NEVER do I miss an episode of Downton Abbey..the list goes on!!! I will be moving this summer to a cottage-looking house near the beach which I will be following your site to get points on decorating it. Flowers are going to be highlight inside and out! I am looking for your books at yard sales, rummage sales,etc.(why any one would get rid of a “keeper” book is beyond me!)…I’m on a budget so thats why I need to find a deal! <3

    1. Dear Frances, What a lovely name you have. The next time the basement leaks at Bee Cottage and I am emptying the sump pump and swinging a mop, I would love it if you would come be me ;). Thanks for your wonderful note, and good luck with your cottage-looking house. Keep us posted on your progress, and I’ll look forward to hearing from you again.

  2. Frances, Why did you reveal the end of the 2nd season?! I only just finished the first one and am hooked. I must have one of those pins – Mr. Bates is my favorite! Cammy

    1. Oh dear Cammy am now racked with guilt. Should have said “spoiler alert!” But we knew Vera Bates wasn’t going to just go away, didn’t we…

  3. Miss it madly…great gaping hole in my life! Now
    do think those buttons need to be worn to make the change Mr. Bates deserves.
    enjoying your newsyletters

  4. Hello Frances – can’t agree more. I’ve just become a fan of Downton Abbey. Theo and I watched the first four shows of season two this weekend. Hope you are well.

    1. Hi Margaret! Great to hear from you and that you and Theo are fans. All is well here and spring is fast approaching. A busy time at St. Mary’s, too.

  5. I feel the same way! Sunday nights are just so
    empty! Can’t wait til season 3 ! I was thinking
    September! not January! Hope to see you soon!

    1. Eleanor, hey! Well now I’m not sure about the timing. From what I read it will indeed begin again in September, and they are filming now. I was thinking since the last series begin in the UK in September and in the US in January that they would do the same again, but I could be wrong. (It’s happened before – hard to believe I know ;))

  6. Please tell me where you can buy these buttons. I have a group of friends that are big Downtown Abbey fans and I would love to give them one of these buttons.

    1. Sydney, Rachel, Carol and others, here’s the scoop on the Free Mr. Bates Button, generously supplied by Partner himself: “I’m embarrassed to tell you that I’m a closet Ebay shopper, and I found it there. I noticed the man selling them has another one up, if you search under “Free Mr. Bates” it comes right up. I will say it came right away in the mail – I found it just the other day for you, thinking it made a nice addition to go with the book! I’ve been in terrible withdrawal with the show off; I’ve even started to refer to Ike as Isis (that’s the name of Lord Grantham’s dog!)” The book he refers to is The World of Downton Abbey, by Jessica Fellowes, who I’m guessing is th wife of DA writer Julian Fellowes. I can’t wait to sink into it.

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