I Suwannee! Pretty and Fun for the House

Fab blogger, decorator, and fellow Tarheel Jamie Meares has got it going ON. Her blog is called I Suwannee, which is so cute in itself that you know you will love the blog because anyone who thought to call it that has to be really cute, too. Her shop and design studio in Raleigh is Furbish, and it’s the dish. Thought you’d enjoy her post from Friday–breezy and light, pretty and fun.

Her headline for this post is: “What I like. Doesn’t have to make sense, right?”

But it makes perfect sense to me.


  1. I love that tall collage — it makes you go ahead and scroll down instead of blow by. She’s got really high quality nerdiness going on (along with everything else of course).

  2. Thank you for sharing “I Suwannee!”… Makes perfect sense to me too. If you’re going to collect “stuff” it should be “cool”, eclectic, interesting, beautiful and meaningful… which is all subjective, of course. A tall order to fill, no? Well, she nails it. Something for everyone. It’s refreshing to see so much color, texture and whimsy.

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