Just Back From Lost Angeles

Have to admit it is exciting to be in Los Angeles for Oscar weekend and friend Alex Hitz’s super fun party which ended at around 2 with the diehards gathered around the kitchen island singing at the tops of their lungs to every song, using whisks as microphones. Umhmm. I’m not saying I was one of them; I’m not saying I wasn’t.

Earlier in the day, when everybody was out looking for movie stars, I went looking for end tables and rugs. There were definitely enough interiors shops on N. La Cienega open on Saturday to make the trip worthwhile. Many are all-time faves: Hollyhock, Todd Romano, Mecox Gardens, Downtown, Dragonette, The Collection, Jamal rugs…

Hollyhock vignette
A vignette from Suzanne Rheinstein's Hollyhock. A collection of paper collages was particularly appealing.

Todd Romano vignette
You can always count on Todd Romano for modern, colorful comfort.

Mecox Gardens is always a breath of fresh air, a whiff of the ocean, and a gust of inspiration.
Downtown Chair
Downtown is a trove of fun and funky cheek by jowl to serious mid-century modern.
Turkish rug from Jamal Rug Collection
An unusual Anatolian Turkish rug from Jamal Rug Collection. Loved.

Meanwhile back at the ranch we had the preacher and his partner to dinner and to watch the Academy Awards. The Cowboy wore (over his khakis) his gray flannel dressing gown with the blue silk lining. Oh and a long polka dot scarf I threw in at the last minute for a touch of drama. Preacher wore a beautiful black blazer and allowed he didn’t really like costumes. Now that is a heck of a thing to hear from an Episcopal priest, seeing as how they have some of the best costumes around, almost right up there with the Catholics. Partner wore a tuxedo because the dinner was casual; otherwise he said he would have worn tails. After much debate I decided on the yellow and pink satin bathrobe with a huge sparkly cuff bracelet, and sunglasses of course. And when they asked me whose jewelry I was wearing I said Rusty’s Gift Shop of Tarboro (N.C.), a gift from my friend Mary Marshall, who has very sophisticated taste for a 10-year-old and who most recently played the owl in her school’s production of Narnia. It could be she walking that red carpet one day.

MMM in owl costume


    1. Dear Duvall and Hollye, and all you celeb-hungry fans out there, this may come as a terrible disappointment but we barred the paparazzi from Rancho La Zaca last night. Just too exhausting. You will, however be treated to pics of the latest from LA’s best interiors shops and a bonus glimpse of the Gene Autry cowboy museum, which guess who liked, even though it was a, you know, museum. Frances

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