What do Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and Anna Wintour Have in Common?

I thought that might get your attention. The answer is they will both be topics of discussion by their respective, and almost as famous decorators, Richard Keith Langham and Jeffrey Bilhuber, respectively. Where and when, you ask? Atlanta, Thursday, February 2, at 1 pm for Keith Langham, whose other famous clients include Pat Buckley and Hilary Swank. Jeffrey Bilhuber, with a lengthy celeb roster himself, speaks Friday at 1. The occasion is the Cathedral Antiques Show. Get the details here.

Both these hugely talented fellas are friends of mine and Keith is near’bout like my brother, though I don’t see him as much as I wish I did. I hope he will tell the story about the time Pat Buckley got on a New York City public bus – I’ve forgotten why she had had to go to such extremes – and as she fumbled for her money and the little fare machine and held up the line and everything, one disgruntled passenger shouted: “COME ‘ON LADY! WHADDIS DIS? YOUR FIRST TIME ON A BUS?” Cue the withering glower: Mrs. Buckley turned and deadpanned, “And the lahst.”

Flying down today. I’ll see y’all there.


  1. The bus story is excellent!! I once went to the Russian Tea Room on the bus:)) And why not? No cabs. The regional shows and auctions are the best. You are so correct. I like Neal Auctions, but I like Empire. You are a very enjoyable writer. Thanks…

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