One Little Thing: Making the Magician’s Choice

Author, speaker, and self-described late-bloomer Jerry Posner tells of a seemingly random experience he had on an airplane that got his attention in a good way. Heaven knows we’ll take what silver linings we can get from commercial flights these days.

The power of one little thing: Making the 'magician's choice' might not produce a rabbit from a hat, but it might make your day go better.

Jerry speaks regularly at Canyon Ranch in the Berkshires, and that’s where I heard him tell this story a few weeks ago. It verges, dare I say, on hocus-pocus, but hey, I go to the Church of Whatever Works. (And the Episcopal one, as well) The story is also in Jerry’s book Attention Late Bloomers: You’re Right on Time!

So Jerry is on the plane and sitting next to a weird Mandrake-the-Magician looking guy, complete with widow’s peak and pointy eyebrows. Turns out he was an acclaimed mentalist and magic performer. They got to chatting, Jerry writes:

“He asked me, ‘Do you know magician’s choice?’ Is this a trick question? I asked. ‘Magician’s choice,’ he intoned, is very simple yet very powerful. It is the magician choosing the outcome in advance.’

To demonstrate he did a small performance…The attendant was going down the aisle, asking passengers if they wanted to rent headphones…He said to me, ‘She’ll offer you the headphones for 4 dollars, and she’ll forget to ask me for the money and give me the headphones for free.’ It was exactly as he predicted.”

Practicing magician’s choice means thinking in terms of goals and desired results. It means creating the desired outcome first very clearly in your mind and focusing on it (daily!) while taking the steps to create it in your life. “The inner world (unconscious drives, patterns, complexes) runs the outer world (behavior, actions, reactions),” Jerry notes, so attention to the inner world is essential, as is being careful what you wish for.

Doesn’t this make sense? Before you sing a song, you have to think of singing a song.

What are the songs in your heart? And what are you thinking about them? The only permission you need is your own.


    1. Thank you Jerry! It is such an honor to have you in our FAB community. Here’s to letting the song just happen!

  1. Fran, thank you so much for recommending we hear Jerry speak at Canyon Ranch! He was thouroghly entertaining and optimistic; a wonderful way to start off 2012! I bought both his books and got gratitude journals for everyone in our group!

    Love you!!

  2. I believe the power of intention is one of the greatest forces at our disposal but is rarely discussed and almost never taught. What a different world we could have if the inner being was a high priority. So glad to read this on your sight. No wonder all your designs bring peace to me!!

    1. Dear Becky, I agree with you 200% and am so gratified this resonated with you. Your encouragement is both inspiring and influential as together we shape the emerging voices of Frances and the Belles. Together we can make a difference. Keep it coming, and thank you.

    1. Thank you, dear Hollye, but alas you may need something stronger for the “It’s a Small World” syndrome… 😉

  3. When i am a candidate for a job, I often think in terms of,” I have already been awarded the job”. In discussion i speek in terms of anticipation of the finality of the project. Some times I actually pull the rabit out of the hat !
    Thank you for this Frances !

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