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One more look from photo shoot last week – while I’m in nostalgia mode. This is @chefstephvalentine ‘s #sbrisolona cookies and lemon posset in my grandmother’s Limoges pots de creme. Pretty sure my mother never used them, as i never laid eyes on them until after she died and we were going through her things. (She was more a Charlotte Russe kind of person, which she made in a cut glass bowl.) Nice to give old things new life. However as I think of this in the wake of Florence, which will destroy so many things, some of them precious to us, I realize that no thing is more precious than life and those we love. Be careful out there all of you in Flo’s path, and Godspeed. .
#californiacookingwithsouthernstyle out next summer from @skyhorsepub #rancholazaca #lemonposset #oldfashioneddessert #potdecreme #limoges @royallimogesfrance Photo by @deborahllewellyn !!!

15 Sep 2018

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