New Fashion Vibe? Carrie Bradshaw Meets Grace Kelly

Is this striking a chord in the spring fashion melody? In a recent and fleeting foray onto Rodeo Drive last week, I was struck by this mannequin at Prada. Well I was struck by whole Prada thing period, but that’s another story. Anyway, there she sat, all prim and yet a tad edgy at the same time…

Prada mannequin
Recently seen at Prada on Rodeo Drive, Los Angeles: Part Princess Grace, part Carrie Bradshaw, with huge fun faux bling slung around a silk scarf tied smartly at the neck.

A layered tulle skirt and the out-sized costume jewels make the look dressy and fun, while the pastel fitted cashmere shell and cardigan give it a whiff of prissiness. The opaque tights and open-toed platforms are unexpected and make it modern but not silly.

Now this is a look you could replicate with little strain: a full skirt, a wide belt, a fitted shell or t-shirt, a little cardigan, a pretty scarf, and some big fake bling. The tights and platform shoes complete it. (Though I think you could also wear this combo with a nude leg, or black or nude fishnets.) And furthermore, you don’t have to be a toothpick or 20 to wear it. Designer Miuccia Prada herself is no toothpick, and we love her for it. Toothpicks can wear anything; women with curves can wear what makes them feel like the feminine, voluptuous creatures they are–and Prada, and her legion of copy-cats, know that.

I would have taken more pictures but the security guard fussed and told me no. We’re both just doin’ our jobs I reckon.


    1. Takes one to know one, honey. And thanks for the reminder of the Met exhibit this spring. What pressure to follow Alexander McQueen, but Senora Prada is fully up to it.

  1. Frances, love your blog! I’m interested to know your take on Town and Country’s new format/look?
    I have to say I think they tried unsucessfully to fix something that wasn’t broken …at all. I know they are trying to appeal to younger readers but seems messy…am I just getting old?

    1. Thank you, Jane! As for Town & Country, let’s give it a chance. While I agree with you it wasn’t broken, ad pages and circulation showed otherwise. Magazines–all businesses–have to change with the times, but we don’t have to like it. (New Coke, anyone?) T & C has some smart, talented people at her helm today, and I’m betting they’ll steer that grand old ship back into smooth waters…. As for getting old, honey I’m right there with you. But with that comes maturity and a point of view. And that’s good.

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