Angels We Have Heard on High

Destined to become a classic–something about the eyes:

Angel ornament
Standing the test and ridicule of time, angel ornament by my niece and namesake Frances, when she was about 4. She is now 17.

Her mother would not dare throw it away, and neither would I. What such aesthetically challenged decorations lack in allure, they make up for in sentiment. The presence of such goofiness amid otherwise refined and tasteful interiors implies not only a sense of humor but a willingness to forgo the perfect for the meaningful. Now there’s a Christmas message. Merry Happy to all, and may we embrace our imperfections–and forgive them.


  1. Dear Frances,
    Your blog is so delightful…just like you! It has become a “must read” for numerous family and friends. Happy New Year and xxxxxxxx to you! Susie Q.

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