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“… I would like them to be cheerful in their drinking / I would like to have Jesus sitting here among them / I would like a great lake of beer for Jesus …” From The Heavenly Banquet, attrib to St Brigid 10th Century, one of the Hermit Songs — poems, mostly anonymous, written by Irish monks (with a sense of humor and sometimes naughty!) from 8th to 13th centuries and set to music by Samuel Barber. First performed by a young then unknown soprano named #leontyneprice with Barber on the piano. Here sung by @stmarksinthevalley ‘s own #nicholedechaine accompanied by the brilliant #bevstaples on piano. What a beautiful concert and gift to our Valley! And oh, just another Friday night at church in Los Olivos… Hope this gives you a smile. .
#santaynezvalley #soprano #singslikeanangel #samuelbarber #hermitsongs .

23 Jun 2018

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