Flowers and Leaves by Nina Rumbough

How about a breath of spring in these depths of January, just to remind us that it WILL come? How beautiful is this?

Pink Tulip

And this?
Pink dahlia
The artist and photographer is Nina Rumbough, who I am happy to say is my friend, and who is as lovely as her work.

Parrot tulip

See more of it at her website,

Parsley leaves

The images, in limited editions, are available for purchase in a range of sizes, from small to huge.

yellow flower with orange center

What beauty and drama they bring to any space. Even a blog post. Enjoy:


Red leaf


Nina also does stunning photographs of sea shells, but I’ll save those for another day. Again her website is And she didn’t even ask me to do this.


  1. Love your blog, and love these photos. Did we crash her site with people clicking over, or there a different address?

    1. Oh RATS so sorry about this. Not sure what happened but the links are working now, so please try again. Thank you all!

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