One Little Thing: Keeping Greenery Fresh(er)

Where have I been not to know about Wilt-Pruf? Did all y’all know about it and not tell me? When I picked up the greenery for the ranch last week at Rolling HIlls Garden Center in Solvang, owner Rocky Marshall said I might want to spray them with Wilt.

Santa would be sad if the greenery were dead: Wilt-Pruf instead! (Am I a poet or what)
Well that’s like saying you might want to put that crabmeat in the refrigerator. Well YEAH. So I sprayed it — outside — before bringing it in. We’ll see how it goes. Meanwhile, Wilt-Pruf and similar products are called anti-transpirants, and they sort of seal the plant to keep it from losing water. While I was at it I just came across P. Allen Smith’s very good advice on keeping greenery fresh: He says to re-cut all the stems (since evergreen sap seals them and keeps them from absorbing water) and to soak them all overnight in the sink or tub. Then spray with Wilt-Pruf. Click on green lettering to read his article or to learn more about Wilt-Pruf. I’m dying to meet P. Allen Smith. He is the bomb. (P.S. No one paid me to say any of this, just so you know.)

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