My Chat With the Washington Post

So you think it’s time I did a blog post, or what?! I know… So here we are.

Was just chatting with The Washington Post’s Jura Koncius and readers of her “Home Front,” answering great decorating questions and dispensing my so-called wisdom;)  “Home Front” is a weekly jewel of design  advice and info. I was happy to discover it, and you will be, too. Link to page here, and a screen shot. With Spanx ad. Ahem.

What I want to know is why there is  a SPANX ad on the page, like, right next to me. Does this chat make me look fat? Are they trying to tell me something? Clearly it is one of those targeted ads. I mean, do you think Miles Redd clicks on the page and get a Spanx ad? Nooooo, he probably gets something chic and expensive like an Hermes belt or Cartier watch. I wonder what ads Beyoncé gets? A sequin-repair-shop ad? Final Net? And what about George Clooney? Tequila? Serena Williams? Earrings? The Dalai Lama? Yoga mats? None of those people get Spanx ads, I bet. This could be a whole Jimmy Fallon routine. Should we write him? I love him. Wonder what ads he gets…

Meanwhile, hope you like the Post interview… Be back soon with something really clever and fabulous, I promise…

Oh, and last but not least – WELCOME to all you new subscribers since the publication of The Bee Cottage Storynow in its third printing, if you can believe. So happy to have you and look forward to hearing from you. Welcome, welcome, welcome. I HEART you very much. xo

And one last word, as we remember the time around September 11, we send our prayers for the fallen and our blessings to the loved ones left behind. We will never forget you. Amen.


  1. …..or the bathtub you get in and out with a door, Jitterbug – the simple sell phone for Seniors, the necklace for “I’ve fallen and can’t get up.”…or by the VIDEOS teaching Sex for Seniors. (Yes, I am a member of AARP, but a very young one.) You might think of the Spanx as a compliment as it could be a whole lot worse…

  2. Canceled my land line as 2 days away from Atlanta … 24 telemarketers left 24 messages. My friends and clients are using my cell number. Only thought it a necessity.
    Spanx is now at TARGET…how convenient is that, also HANES panties at a price to discard not launder.
    Thinking of you with my heart on great success of your book. Yes, I too love Bee Cottage…great book!
    xo, Lynn

  3. Frances:
    First, let me say how much I enjoyed “Bee Cottage”. Wonderful!

    Second, I loved the poem so much that is the very front of the book, I copied it and sent it to my childhood friend who is doing it for me in needlepoint. I am so excited and I know it will be wonderful in our home built in 1939, which is named Maison De Jardin. Thank you for telling your story and a beautiful book. Such Inspiration!!

  4. I Always will remember Sept 11 as my BD is Sept 10.
    I was 59 this time. I pray for those people all the time

    Andrea. Love all your posts books tips. All !

  5. Shame on them! You are correct! Miles (I met when he was 19 and working at John Rosselli in NYC; I KNEW!!! What a STAR!!!)
    No….no Spanx ads…..but a newspaper…..maybe???

    They are struggling… was so inappropriate!

    Tee Hee! Loved reading the article and ignored the spanx ad!


    Penny in Santa Barbara…..

    still dying to meet you! all my favorite people love you! including Brooke and my daughter Ella!

    1. Dearest Penelope, belated bu warm thanks for your darling note. You certainly had Miles pegged… and I was just kidding about the Spanx ad. Sort of. 😉 Take care. Love our many connections. xo Frances

  6. Every time I see a BEE motif now I think of YOU!Wonder if she has this……….??I am certain you get “GIFTED” with many BEE’s as I was once the owner of The Hen House and the chickens are still a coming!!Your book was delightful……..I passed on to my ENGLISH STEP MUM who is 81 and just had heart surgery.(I will get the book back!)
    Do not worry about the ADS……………..everyone is zeroing in on the article!
    CONGRATULATIONS on your third printing!!!!
    I hope there is another BOOK inside of YOU!!!

    1. Dearest Contessa, Belated but hearty thanks for your wonderful notes. You are right about those bees, but I love them. I hope your step mum liked the book and is recovering well from surgery. WE all await the beautiful CR’s next book, and yes I am proud to call her a friend. I will surely have to get to Rogers Gardens one of these days… All my best to you, xo, Frances

  7. My sister just gave me your book for my birthday which I was coveting and it was a signed copy to boot. I just love it and I love your journey which I am on too. My date is November fourth… one year from when we met. Fingers crossed. Love your blog. Thanks for sharing. You are the best!

    1. Dear Jody, Happy Birthday! And thank you for writing, and for your kind words. I’m sorry you’ve been walking the walk, but something tells me your journey ends well. Good luck to you, and I wish you many healing blessings, Frances

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