The Power of Flower (Magazine)

The Power of Flower (Magazine)

Hi. Been a while. Confess I’ve been seeing a lot of Instagram on the side. And then there’s been this book thing… But we are still buds, you and I, right? Good. I missed you….Hey, do you know Flower magazine ? Begun in 2007 and growing ever since, there isn’t anything else like it. It’s all about “floral lifestyle.” I’m not sure what that is, but I think I have one.

Hi. Been a while. Confess I’ve been seeing a lot of Instagram on the side.  And then there’s been this book thing, OY. I mean oh BOY! (Srsly) But we are still buds, you and I, right? Good. I missed you.

Do you know Flower magazine ? Begun in 2007 and growing steadily since, there just isn’t anything else like it. Not easy being print nowadays, though you need only glance at the charming, idea-full, delightfully written Flower, to know that  rumors of print’s death are exaggerated. Take the July/August issue for example.

Okay, and full disclosure from the department of shameless self promotion, there is a little bit of moi in this issue, too. Well, not moi exactly but Bee. Ya know, that book I’ve been banging on about for like 72 years. The Bee Cottage Story. A little excerpt at the back. And I am so pleased and so honored.

But enough about Bee. Along with her dedicated staff, founder and editor Margot Shaw pours her gigantic heart and soul into every issue, and it shows.

Billing itself as a “floral lifestyle” magazine, regular features include the cherished and increasingly rare art of entertaining at home, here with Liza Pulitzer Calhoun.

There’s always a wonderful tutorial, here with Maurice Harris of Bloom & Plume in LA. I’d like to ask Maurice how he prunes his hair. He is so cute.

Then there is a “Flower Show,” this one with Brooklyn-based floral designer Sierra Steifman of Poppies & Posies.

There is even an up-close evening with the inimitable India Hicks. This table set along her curving driveway in Harbour Island is beyond fab.

From the Bahamas to the heart of France, Flower visits the studio of painter and gardener Claire Basler in her 13th century Château de Beauvoir. Swoon.

Last but by no means least is a home feature; this issue’s on Ted Kennedy Watson, whom I “met” on Instagram and via House Beautiful, whose pages he has also graced. I had an Insta-crush. That’s Ted’s table on the cover, too, in the top photo.

And there’s more…! Thank you, Margot Shaw, and thank you wonderful staff of Flower. (subscribe here.) for the beauty you bring the world. Long may you bloom.

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