Principles are like prayers–noble, but awkward at a party.

Thought after that last post I might better lighten up a little. Praise the peerage, Downton Abbey is back on PBS and the dowager countess and coterie are as quotable as ever, maybe more so.

Principles Are Like Prayers

You know by now that I pray and am all for it. It’s downright essential. But we have to meet people where they are, literally, figuratively, and otherwise. Parties, or any purely social gathering, are not for preaching–in whatever form it might take. Save it for another time, for like-minded listeners. In the meantime, go gently. Which of course the dowager countess does not always do, but she thinks she does.

I will remind myself as I–and we–sail into 2015, that we are all walking our own paths. And just because someone is walking a path different from yours doesn’t mean you can’t still hold hands. 


P.S. I am nervous that Mr. Bates is going to get in trouble again. Are you? What can we do?


  1. I am beginning to lose my sympathy for Mr. Bates. He’s become a bit smug now that he has the pretty wife. Looking forward to another season of biting repartee and shocking plot twists all set within the guise of gracious manners.

    1. I hear you, Gracious Posse! There is rather a ground swell of sentiment building against Bates, though I confess I am not part of it. Still have a very soft spot for him and his sense of honor and integrity. But I fear you may get the last satisfaction on this score… πŸ˜‰ Thank you for writing, xo Frances

  2. Amen to that Frances. I hope Bates will be able to remain happy for awhile longer. He’s had a tough time. The good news is Downton is back.

  3. As long as Moseby keeps up with his little awkward moments- I don’t care WHAT happens to Bates! Those little comments about his hair…! Lord Grantham-“Tell him to stay downstairs before his hair turns blue!!” ((-: I feel Moseby’s pain- It is hard to grow older.XO

  4. OK! I give! Want to add Downton Abbey to my watch list, but need advice of a fellow-Carolinian. I have never watched one episode (OK many moans from the readers), but should I buy the CD of the old episodes or jump right in the current broadcasts. Trust your opinion as you are my Southern sista!

    1. Carolyn, sista! Definitely worth a binge-watch, but warning as highly addictive. I’m pretty sure you can watch earlier seasons for free Online. Or you can download from iTunes. Or, path of least resistance order the DVDs. Goof-proof and to me, the easiest. Also a nice addition to your library. The first season is soooooo good, beginning with the sinking of the Titanic. Enjoy! xo Frances

  5. Thank you, thank you for your message. Especially after a busy holiday season with lots of family social interaction. I need to remind myself that just because my opinion is different than the opinion others, it doesn’t mean that we can not hold hands. Although, I love the dowager and some of her “snarky opinions”, I, myself, have to back off. Bates ?….not looking too good for him. The beginning of the new season, in January, is great as I live north of Chicago, so it’s an opportunity to snuggle by the fire on Sunday evenings with friends… have a little supper, change my dialogue and hold hands.

    1. Randall, thank you for this! I watched part of it and want to see it all. Great, and makes you appreciate all the more what goes into the show. xo Frances

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