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NEW YORK-On-the-ball go-getter that you are, you’ve already made your Christmas list and have started shopping. I’m always in the hunt for gifts that are both personal and practical. But finding them ain’t easy, and you do need to start early. Here you go…

gift enclosure card
How snappy are these monogrammed gift cards!?

I had lunch at Doubles the other day, and they definitely start early: The club hosted a group trunk show with all sorts of vendors and goodies – including my friend and bookclub buddy Kate Pickett’s fun, colorful and useful(!) custom paper designs and lucite pieces for the home.

Monogrammed coasters come in lots of styles and colors.

There’s nothing like a personalized hostess or holiday gift, particularly for the hard-to-buy-for. (And who isn’t hard to buy for these days?) Something that clearly shows you thought about them – and their gift – in advance – is always appreciated.

Packets of 100 stickies are from $85 to $125 and can be customized with any message: “Happy Birthday, Love, Gertrude” or “Ho ho ho from the Plushbottoms” or “A gift from the Thumpdoodles” (Do you think Thumpdoodle is really a name? I don’t either.)

Laminated tags, $18 to $30, for luggage, sports equipment, and small children prone to straying are also very handy and would make great gifts, especially for frequent travelers. (I’m kidding about the children.)

Writing pad
Just two of the many options for personalized writing pads.

Personalized writing pads never go out of style, and I also especially like the lucite ice buckets and trays. Very snappy and very gift-able.

Lucite trays, from $110 to $125, are handy for serving or just dressing up a cofee table or counter top.

Ice Bucket
Have I been going to the wrong parties, or have ice buckets become a bit scarce lately? Bring them back in style, I say, monogrammed, lucite, and preppy.

If it is calling cards, Christmas cards, holiday cards, or just beautiful notepaper or stationery you want, Kate’s bespoke letterpress designs are superb. I have them myself.

Ho Ho Ho card
I love a little Ho Ho Ho, don't you?

For the stationery, see Pickett’s Press.

For the other paper products, see Pickett’s Papers

Playing Cards
The playing cards might be my favorite. Gin-rummy, anyone?
If you’re in New York, she has an atelier at 1016 Lexington Avenue, between 72nd and 73rd streets, on the second floor. 888-742-5005, or

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