California Cooking and Southern Style

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Yes, Frances Schultz was named one of Salonniere’s Top 100 Hosts in the country, and yes she is thrilled about that. But you need to know that this book isn’t about showing off, it’s about having a few friends to dinner or lunch or whatever, and having fun, and connecting. This book makes it easy for you. Okay not easy-easy, but totally do-able by an actual human being with a real life. 

Set in the stunning Southern California wine country, well-known writer and television personality Frances Schultz’s hospitality is no secret in Santa Barbara County and beyond. What’s more, the cooking of chef and recipe creator Stephanie Valentine is acclaimed by all who’ve sampled it, including Martha Stewart and Julia Child. Picking up where her beloved Bee Cottage Story left off, Frances invites us into her home, her heart, and a place at her beautiful table, and she shows us how she does it.

Whether you’re planning a simple picnic for two or a celebration dinner for twenty, California Cooking and Southern Style is the book to have wherever you live. Using fresh, seasonal ingredients and tested by everyday home cooks, the recipes are tried, true, do-able, and delicious. Ditto the beautiful and deceptively simple table settings.

A unique, at-a-glance listing of eighteen menus is followed by chapters featuring each menu with recipes, table settings, and entertaining tales and tips. With a hundred-plus recipes and 150-plus photographs, California Cooking and Southern Style will make your mouth water, your eyes dance, your guests grateful, and your heart happy.

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