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He coined the term “exterior decorator,” appropriately enough, because that is what he is. And a darned brilliant one. John Danzer, creator of Munder-Skiles Outdoor Furniture, is  brilliant, period.

Images from the MunderSkiles website

He’s one of those people you run into on the street and five minutes later you have learned something new about English garden design, Spanish decorative arts, contemporary Italian sculpture, the best new restaurant in Paris, a fascinating novel  everyone’s reading but you’ve never heard of, and the best straw hat he got for $6 so he’s buying 30 to give to his friends.

Like that. And you had been thinking about something like why is it so hard to find navy pantyhose.

I usually have to lie down after one of these encounters with my longtime friend John.

Images from the MunderSkiles website
Images from the MunderSkiles website

Next Monday night, however, we will stand up and applaud  this talented designer and extraordinary creative spirit as he is honored  by the Horticulture Society of New York at its annual New York Flower Show Dinner Dance, the prettiest party in town. Also being honored are  Peter and Sofia Blanchard, whose extraordinary Greenwood Gardens in Short Hills opened to the public last year.

John and partner Chip Alleman, general manager of The Garrison resort, live and work in Garrison, New York, just an hour north of the city in the scenic and historic Hudson Highlands, which just about  take your breath away they are so beautiful.

Hudson Highland view

Here is their house and design studio. It’s a postcard, no?

John Danzer and Chip Alleman residence and design studio in Garrison NY

Here’s an overhead view of the stylish couple’s living room:

John Danzer and Chip Alleman interior

And the showroom, which is so cool. I love how he hangs chairs on the wall. He does it in his super-chic City pad as well. I’ll have to show you that sometime…

Munder-Skiles showroom interior

The exterior showroom:

Munder Skiles exterior showroom

See anything you need?

Images from the MunderSkiles website

By the way, John loves visitors, and it’s such an easy train trip from the City. Go! Until then you can visit the not-surprisingly-excellent website here without ever leaving your bathrobe, which I am still in. Now you know.

Before you go, be sure to read more about John Danzer here, and join a long list of design-savvy folks who’ve long been fans of  Munder-Skiles and Johnny D.

Images from the MunderSkiles website

When you Google him there are like 10 million pages.

But if you run into him on the street, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

From the Munder-Skiles website


  1. I am so getting one of his benches for my new nest next year! A pretty place to sit and lots and lots of flowers, bliss. Ms. Frances, your 12/31/13 post has been a constant reference these past few months and “I’m going to trust that whatever sky I’m in is where I am supposed to be” is my new mantra. By the way, how is the “Bee Cottage” book doing?

  2. I’ve been meaning to go forever! Every time I run into John, we talk about it, but he seems to be frequently galavanting somewhere!! Thank you for the reminder and the tempting photos!

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