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Good Monday to you all. This is the littlebitofeverything arrangement I did with the season’s first dahlias and other bits. There is a monstrous – well a few actually – climbing rose on one side of the driveway that Ive hesitated cutting for fear as I approached it, it might engulf me in its thorns, never to be heard from again… but I braved it yesterday as the branches form such graceful arches and the light scent is heavenly. Someone out there will know the variety… ? And while I am kidding about the bush engulfing me (sort of), it does prompt me to think in these ever uncertain times about how our fears and anxieties are often the result of stories we tell ourselves and not actual reality. Eg., “I’ll never meet anyone because we will never be able to date normally again” or “I’ll never see my grandchildren again.” #notetoself If we can all practice catching ourselves in the act of believing our stories, we can diffuse their power and hold over us. The reality is we cannot know that our stories are absolutely true or not true. We can only control how we perceive them, and stay in the now. Well goodness that was an earful I hadn’t intended but I went with it. Hope you all have a good week, in the now. Namaste

22 Jun 2020

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