Indispensable, Adorable Address Labels

Saw these on my friend HoneyPaper’s Instagram the other day and loved.


Anything this tiny with packaging this exquisite has me at Hello. 


Went straightaway to order from HoneyPaper for myself and will do for gifts as well. (Heaven help us, we’re already thinking about Christmas. )

From a company in Boston called Felix Doolittle


…there are lots of  ways to use them… 



…and they come in themes (“Classic,” “Coastal,” “Gentlemen”) in dozens of charming tiny illustrations.


The hard part is making up your mind…

 …as there seems to be a drawing for every whim and whimsy.

One thing, btw, I will not be giving the Johnsons for Christmas is address labels, as they clearly have plenty.

Via Honey Paper:


Being true to the tagline of this blog–Celebrating beauty in everyday living–is all about making the little things we do everyday more  fun, funny, pleasant, pretty, right? All these little life enhancers, add up, and pretty soon, you’re talking an enhanced life.

Guess which ones I ordered.



  1. Awwww, shucks. This Johnson would love each and every one. Will be purchasing not just for us but all family..with lots of different last names:) thanks for this wonderful lead!

      1. Hee hee! A sample sale I can fit into!!! Ordering today?..they are simply wonderful! Thanks for bringing these treasures to your adoring audience!

  2. Frances, thank you so much for sharing these beautiful address labels with us- let’s see 1 for me, one for a gift…oh, another for me, another for a gift- so many uses for these. Partial to the acorn & oak leaf like you!

  3. Love these address labels! I can’t find them on their website and am wondering if they are only available in the store?

    1. Hi Annette! If you are speaking of HoneyPaper, you might want to call or email the shop directly. It is an actual shop and not an Online shopping site per se. You may be able to order directly from the Felix Doolittle website. Links to both in the blog post. Lmk if you have further questions. Happy to help, and thanks for writing! Frances

  4. I canNOT Imagine which one YOU ORDERED!I recently saw a BEE motif and of course I thought of YOU!I think I already told you that!
    I think I will order for a few CHRISTMAS Gifts as well……THANK YOU!

      1. The link posted by Michelle doesn’t work. It comes back “page not found”. How can we see/possibly order these?

  5. Thank you so much for posting this! I now know what I will be giving as Christmas gifts this year, they are so beautiful & unique. I’m new to your fan club :), I recently read your book, The Bee Cottage story, and couldn’t put it down. Really enjoy your blog and style of writing.

  6. Bought them, love them. The store you recommended has fabulous service. And I agree with a prior poster — I’ll be ordering several more as stocking stuffers.

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