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    Nina Griscom Handbags in Atlanta This Week

    Tuesday, April 22nd, 2014

    From the Department of Shameless Crony Capitalism, a quick heads-up on my friend Nina Griscom’s fabulous handbag line that debuted last fall. Happy to say they are selling like handbags (!) and the new spring line is gorge. This Thursday and Friday, April 24-25, she’ll be in Atlanta. Please click to to email them for details.  It is a private show, and they would just like to know that you are not, you know, an axe-murderer.

    But if you are an axe-murderer, I would think twice about messing with Nina and my sister Duvall Fuqua and friend Cynthia Reid in Atlanta who are hosting her. Just sayin’. But boy, you could have the most stylish axe-carrier in Atlanta, that is fo’ sho’.

    The bags are well-priced. Not cheap, but not 72-thousand-dollars like they have gotten to be lately. Which I do not understand.

    If you cannot come to the show in Atlanta, you can shop–or browse–via her website at Nina Griscom for Gigi New York, here.

    I especially like this zippered pouch (below), which is the perfect size. It’s big enough actually to get stuff in–wallet and cell phone–woo-hoo! So it is practical for day and yet sleek and elegant for night. Comes in several finishes and colors, as they all do.

    As long as I’ve lived outside the South, I’ve never stopped saying “pocketbook.” I honestly don’t think I’ve ever said “purse” in my life unless it had to do with lips.

    This clutch below is a fave from the 2013 fall collection. In case you missed.

    There is also a whole line of accessories. IPad covers, jewelry cases, portfolio pouches and what not. What not to love?

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