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    Image via LL Bean, www.llbean.com

    How to Make Time Go More Slowly… and What I’ve Been Doing With Mine

    First, how to make time go more slowly: Wouldn’t we all like time to slow down? (unless we are at the dentist) Sounds impossible, but seems you can, because time is relative. Literally.

    Image via LL Bean, www.llbean.com
    Image via LL Bean, www.llbean.com

    It has to do with Einstein’s Theory of Relativity,* and how time is relative to distance and the speed of light and what not. We studied this in school of course, but I never  related it to my own little life until I got my hands on this book.

    Benjamin P. Hardy's Slipstream Time Hacking
    Benjamin P. Hardy’s Slipstream Time Hacking, It is a quick and easy read, with anecdotes and quotes from some of the leading techies and futurists of our day. If you read it, I’d love to hear what you think.

    Slipstream Time Hacking — How to Cheat Time, Live More, and Enhance Happiness, by Benjamin Hardy. I imagine he wrote it more for people who want to grow up to be Bill Gates than for people like me who want to grow up to be Duchess of Devonshire, but there are concepts here that will tweak your perspective and spur you on to think about how you are spending time as opposed to how you’d really like to spend time–and how to bridge that gap.

    The best.
    Big Ben from LL Bean, shown here in my bathroom at the ranch, is my absolute favorite clock. You can see it from the moon, it is easy to set, and it has a pleasant alarm–not one of those that catapults you from the bed slam into the ceiling where you hang by your fingernails. Pressing the button on top lights the face so you can see it at night. Battery run. Link to info at bottom of post.

    It is above all about defining and living your life as your authentic, essential self. Like all books on achieving goals, self-improvement, etc., this one has some ideas that will speak to you you and some that won’t. But if you get one or two good takeaways, it’s worth it. If you are halfway through a book and find yourself highlighting every other sentence, chances are it is speaking to you, as this book does to me. The occasional grammatical errors drive me to distraction, but I reckon I am a dinosaur in that department. (Though I know I am not the only one.) If nothing else it reminds us that time is our most valuable currency, and how we spend it is how we value our lives.


    *Marilyn Monroe explains the Theory of Relativity to Albert Einstein so much better than I could. See clip on YouTube here, from Nicholas Roeg’s 1985 film Insignificance. It is a classic, and she gets it right.

    More on the LL Bean version of the classic Westclox Big Ben clock here.

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    And now for part 2, how I’ve been spending my time. The short answer is: promoting The Bee Cottage Storywhich seems to be working. My funny little book is now in its 6th printing and no one is more surprised than I, except possibly my publishers, bless their hearts. But I only bring it up because, okay I was bragging, but also because I’ve been to some lovely places and met even lovelier people, and I’ve been a-wantin’ to share them with you. Actually, I have done on Instagram, posting almost daily.

    Though I have to say I have missed blogging, have missed the writing part, and the YOU part, but the time it takes eludes me now, and Instagram substitutes in the meanwhile. Hope you’ll join me there, and I will get back here when I can. Have a wonderful summer.

    Love, Frances