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    America’s Best Party Hosts… Gosh!

    America’s Best Party Hosts… Gosh!

    I’m just not one of those people who wins things. Except for that time I played Bingo with my sister at a spa like ten years ago. My prize was shower gel and moisturizer and I had them bronzed for posterity.

    Now I might bronze my party shoes. What a huge honor–and surprise!–to be named to the 2019 Salonnière 100 list of America’s best party hosts. I couldn’t believe it when sweet friend Bettie Bearden Pardee of Private Newport acclaim told me. I went straight to my Salonnière email and Lord have mercy there I am, listed under Santa Barbara (close enough), along with Oprah. Oprah and me. Srsly. Our parties are so much alike. People sometimes come to our house and ask me where is Gayle or how is Stedman, and I just say fine because I don’t want to disappoint them.

    A recent soiree and my concoction of vaguely Middle-East-Passage-to-India theme,

    It is a diverse list, to say the least. But what I like most about Salonnière, besides everything, is the enthusiasm and sincerity of founder Carla McDonald. Founded in 2013 “to encourage socializing and highlight those who are continuing the tradition of the great salonnieres in history,” Salonnière celebrates the “trailblazers whose parties shaped the world in a way that is still felt today.” Though in my case last weekend, our party shaped the world in a way that is still felt the next morning.

    Just so you know not every one of my tables looks like a Mardi Gras float, here’s a last-minute dinner for a visiting South African friend a few weeks ago in New York, using grocery store flowers and postcards and bits from the Guggenheim Museum gift shop.

    Salonnière also shines a light on the hosts of today with beautiful photographs, breezy writing, and great practical advice. “Today’s party hosts play a vital role in their communities and beyond.” writes Carla, “They bring people together, facilitate introductions, advance ideas, advocate for change, raise funds for important causes, and create joyful moments that enhance lives.” 

    And she’s right by dern. That IS why we do it. It’s also creative and fun and brings people together in a kind of modern ritual and ceremony that allows us to shift, however fleetingly, the way we experience our everyday lives. And when that happens, connections are made, glimpses are seen, horizons expand. 

    So much more to say on that, which is partly why I’ve just written a(nother) book about entertaining, titled California Cooking and Southern Style, with recipes by Rancho La Zaca’s own Stephanie Valentine. Yay! Just thought I’d slip that in, though many of you know already… More on that later, too, but it is scheduled for release in November and is available for pre-order from your neighborhood bookstore here,  or on Amazon here.

    Thank you again Salonnière, and thank you dear friends and followers who thought me worthy. I am humbled and grateful, and it is way better than shower gel and moisturizer. Just sayin’.

    Keeping it simple, loving lavender, and celebrating a birthday, fortunately not mine. The plants will be transplanted later in the meadow. Nice when the decor can be recycled.

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