Thanksgiving Puzzle Giveaway!

Here’s something fun everybody can do at Thanksgiving that does not involve a football, a television, a parade float, a stick of butter or even an iPad. Seriously! Okay not that seriously, because jigsaw puzzles are not meant to be serious. You may recall I wrote about these wonderful, handcut, wooden jigsaw puzzles made by Liberty Puzzles this summer.

Isn’t this a great puzzle?! It could be yours! Details below… And when Turkey Day weekend is over, you can put it away and bring it back again next year. Start a new family tradition! Does not contain trans-fats!

Thanksgiving Puzzle by Liberty Puzzles

Puzzles are good for you, too, and more fun than eating broccoli, even though that is also good for you.

Nothing against broccoli. Don’t get all Michele Obama on me.

Look at the detail:

Detail of Thanksgiving Puzzle by Liberty Puzzles

I worried about the company something terrible this fall because they are based in Boulder, and you remember those awful floods they had there. I emailed and heard back they were okay, but there was so much damage. OY.

Speaking of OY, since Thanksgiving this year coincides with the first night of Hanukah for the first time since, like, Moses was in kindergarten, I am thinking of adding a yarmulke to our turkey this year. Just a thought.

Another thought. If you have a youngun’ who might mess with you while you are doing the puzzle, either lock the little rascal in a closet, or print this part of the post and ask him to circle all the shapes (called whimsy pieces) he finds on the back and give him a nickel for each one. 

I may try it on my husband. He would rather go to the dentist than do a puzzle. Which I find puzzling.

Back of Thanksgiving Puzzle by Liberty Puzzles

Okay so the giveaway–here goes: Leave a comment on something you love about Thanksgiving by Sunday, November 17. The winner will be chosen at random and we’ll get your puzzle to you before you can say sweet-potato-casserole. One entry per person, por favor.

And THANK YOU to WONDERFUL LIBERTY PUZZLES! Go to the Liberty Puzzles website here. If you don’t win the puzzle, you can always pony up and buy the dern thing.

One last thought. These puzzles make great gifts, and Liberty also makes custom puzzles from your own photos or designs, which is something to gobble about.

All posts and mentions in are purely from enthusiasm, and remuneration is neither solicited nor accepted. But you know that.


  1. What I love about Thanksgiving; the stick of butter in the sweet potato casserole. BTW the other 364 days I have other ways to use a stick of butter;) Great giveaway!!! If I win this gorgeous puzzle of Tom the Turkey I may be to distracted to go buy the butter!

  2. Frances, you have brought incredible joy to me this year as I have followed your blog. We first met through those amazing Mayo sisters from Tarboro. In recent years I have become a proud member of the American Red Cross family. After having responded to so many devastating disasters this year, I am particularly grateful to be able to gather this Thanksgiving with my family. It is indeed a blessing as we join hands to be able to look around our circle of family and to be washed in grace and unconditional love. When you witness people lose evrything they own, you realize nothing is more important than the folks in that circle. There is unspoken love and hope. I wish for all people a chance to pause and be thankful.

  3. It may be trite but getting the family to all sit at one time with all ages is of course heartwarming for me. And the food–I never get tired of dressing–and so much of all the traditions. Since it is a season of thanks and giving I do try to remember those that may be alone and needy.

  4. I have always loved Thanksgiving – the feast, family and friends. But what I truly love is the time of year – FALL ! The changing leaves and the crisp clean air!!! I am always thankful for mother nature!!!

  5. As a busy mother of three young boys, I love the extra time I have with them over the holidays. It is not rush rush to get anywhere. We actually love puzzles of all kinds and they have been doing them since they were little.

    My husband and I would do puzzles on date night. It is a great way to just slow down, put on some nice music, pour a glass of wine and work together to create something beautiful. 🙂

    My one son has fine motor delays and doing puzzles helps with his coordination. This is a beauty of a puzzle! Thanks for the suggestion. Happy Thanksgiving to you!

  6. The most important thing about Thanksgiving for me is that it is the only ‘large’ holiday which does not involve presents. This means that family can get together and eat a fabulous meal we have all made without the hassle and anxiety of: ‘Will he like it?’ ‘Will it fit?’ ‘Oh no! I forgot Uncle louis!’ It is the one day, at least historically for my large family, we can be together (maybe it’s because we start early with the bloody mary’s), but we all get along and have the best day ever. That and the fact that we only have to do it once a year….

  7. One of my (many!) favorite things about Thanksgiving is the fact that the huge old gingko tree in our front yard is almost, without fail, in full electric yellow leaf turn on the morning of are the other gingkoes strewn about our neighborhood. So on Thanksgiving afternoon, my husband and I like to take a walk through the ‘hood and admire the neon color. If you don’t own a gingko tree I recommend you plant one so you can enjoy the breathtaking fall color!

  8. Hi Frances,

    After I moved home from Florida about 5 years ago I became the official hostess for all Holiday events, including Thanksgiving – and I love it! We’ve grown to about a solid 20 at the table each year, sometimes rising into the mid thirties. One great things is everyone brings their ‘special’ holiday dish that is part of their table’s tradition. It brings everyone back to Thanksgivings past, prompts old stories that have been re-told for 20 years and happy memories of those who are no longer with us. I hope it makes it special for everyone!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!


  9. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays … not just for the food, but getting to see family and friends, and just being thankful for every thing. It’s one holiday that gifts are not expected or given, but real friendship and conversation is truly enjoyed.

  10. My favorite part of Thanksgiving is getting together with my family!! I love all the wonderful food too!! I loved your last post about these puzzles! My two boys and I love doing puzzles together! I just orderd a puzzle from Liberty Puzzles last week, to give them for Christmas!!

  11. Frances, I love the fact that everyone chips in some effort towards the grand meal…whether it is setting the table, carving the turkey, making the cranberry chutney(Mother, always), or scraping, stacking and washing the dishes….sort of like that great scene in The Big Chill…I would love another opportunity to gather ’round with the whole bunch, doing the puzzle! And it is such an attractive puzzle to “leave out”—–not at all “tacky”! P.S. I have a great broccoli soufflĂ© recipe….may change your mind…

  12. Hi Frances, I ponied up at your last post suggestion and purchased the Thanksgiving puzzle! And Christmas. And a map. Unlike His Grace, I love to do puzzles. Hoping to rub off on the rest of the family or there will be no pie….as I will be too busy doing puzzles! I love setting the table at Thanksgiving and figuring out the “puzzle” of how to seat everyone as the numbers creep up day by day. You would think I would have learned by now.

  13. Thanksgiving to me is the time before the rush of Christmas when we get together to reflect on the year and all the blessings that have been given to us through out the year. Fall is such a beautiful season and Thanksgiving is such a beautiful holiday in its simplicity.
    It is also very special to me because it is the last holiday that I was with my mom before she passed away in December.

  14. Thanksgiving is a relaxing time to enjoy family, friends and food. No stressing over gifts and holiday parties – just cooking family favorites, long walks after the dinner and watching football games.

  15. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Ironically, it seems very religious to me even though it’s not religious holiday. I think that’s part of its charm, that it doesn’t belong to a particular group except Americans. It feels very unifying and makes official tradition of doing something we all do every day. I am grateful for so many things, but most grateful of all that I was brought up to express gratitude daily and have a very special holiday to celebrate the act as well.

  16. What a great idea! My family gathers for another great tradition on Saturday! after Thanksgiving. The Clemson- Carolina game. I’m on the way to try and find a Clemson and a Carolina puzzle. Let’s see who finishes first.

  17. This is an excellent idea, Frances!
    I just bought a Monet, thanks to you 🙂
    This will be a wonderful way to spend some time with our family this holiday season.
    Thank you for sharing Liberty puzzles with us!


  18. Frances,
    I love Thanksgiving because it is the most relaxing holiday to me. Family comes, we cook a great meal, and we enjoy the remainder of the day together playing with the kids outdoors, taking walks, and talking about important and mundane topics. The focus of the day is on gratitude, which is the beginning of opening our hearts to this majestic world!

  19. Thsnksgiving in South Texas combines traditional food with tamales and pan de polvo gathering for the Christmas season.

    There are wonderful resources down there in the Hebbronville area. We all gather to visit every year in the same place and go to Mass in our little church (founded by my grandparents and others). It is a time of family, delightful memories and lots of tall tales and plenty of cheer (if you know what I mean).

    Thank you for your delightful posts which give great delight.

    Mary Jane

  20. Thanksgiving is the perfect word for a perfect day….giving thanks!
    T= time with Family,
    N= noises of laughter,
    S= special memories,
    G= grateful,
    I= inspiring
    V= very good food
    I= inviting
    N= nice
    G= great

  21. We share Thanksgiving with family or friends. Our children are scattered, two in TX and two in CT, but the menu for the feast does not vary much. The dressing is always “my” recipe which I received from my mother with the admonition, “Don’t forget the celery; it’s Dad’s favorite part.” There is no tolerance for jazzing up that dish with sausage, oysters or cornbread. Plain, simple and with lots of gravy. Now that we are the “guests” instead of the “hosts” it is a joy to see the next generation preparing their thanks.

  22. T ogetherness with family
    U ltimate gratefulness
    R elaxing and reminiscing
    K indred
    E ating a fabulous meal with lots of laughter mixed in
    Y awns and naps throughout the afternoon

  23. The puzzle is beautiful!
    Thanksgiving for us this year will be starting new traditions. Having a grandson and the family growing makes it so special ! Old family traditions and now new ones make it all the more special for the Cromer family! But really my favorite thing at Thanksgiving is stuffing! Only day of the year for it and already looking forward to it!

  24. Thanksgiving is all olfactory for me…when we are home, I adore the smell of the roasting turkey at 7 a.m., the pungent steam from a cup of Marco Polo tea, the rush of the cold wind scents the air with the fallen leaves, the distinct smell at the football game….when we are in the city for the Macy’s Parade, there are the city scents especially the burn from roasting chestnuts and the pancakes on the griddle at The Dunhill. Love following you and your wonderful blog!

  25. I love Thanksgiving and this puzzle is beautiful. I have wonderful memories of doing puzzles during the holidays with my grandmother on the leather topped “puzzle” table she had in her den. She tolerated my help – she was very good at puzzles. She left me the table and it would be very special to work this puzzle on it!

  26. I adore Thanksgiving because,like Mary Howard, I don’t have to worry with presents. P.S. I don’t expect to win!!!!!!

  27. The thing I love most about Thanksgiving is being with my children and granddaughter. The kitchen is warm, but the hugs are warmer. The food is good, but the laughter is better. The dessert is sweet, but the love is sweeter. Yes, FAMILY is the best part of Thanksgiving.

  28. I love spending Thanksgiving catching up with family and friends…no pressure with gift swapping, just good food and lots of thankfulness!

  29. Our Thanksgiving has always included an early extended family Christmas celebration — the thought being that little ones should hang stockings in their familiar surroundings on Christmas Eve. The time is all about family: the five children, 13 grand children and now seven precious great grands. Santa visits and poses for photos just as he is doing at the mall. Christmas books are read, movies watched and best of all the little ones are turned loose with frosting and sprinkles to decorate gingerbread men. It is a cherished time!

  30. I always loved driving in to NYC after all the dishes were done to see the Dept. store windows on Fifth Ave decorated for Christmas. There were never any crowds parking was easy and able to get close up and take it all in. One year Jill Clayburg was doing the same with her kiddies.Then home again pulled out the remaining white meat from the old bird, the big jar of mayo and the white bread and finished off the day with left over pies. On Black Friday one never steps on the scales. Never it is the one day to have at least a little of everything on the table.

  31. My favorite time during the Thanksgiving holiday is doing the dishes and putting away all of the leftovers. As a teen, I thought it was so”sexist and not politically correct” at ALL! I always argued and rebelled about the scene in the kitchen. As I have grown (and obviously matured) I can’t think of a better time or way to share fun, wisdom and “herstory” than hanging in the kitchen with all ages of the strong smart and fierce women of my family! Bring on the dishpan hands….no males allowed!!!! Happy Thanksgiving, my fellow “Frances” Peace to all.

  32. Frances, My favorite thing about Thanksgiving is the Food, Fun and Fall. This time of year is so beautiful and relaxing—just before the busy Christmas season. Bring on the turkey!
    xo, Lissy

  33. Thanksgiving LOVE … Thankful for my husband and the family I gained 17 years ago… I never thought I would have children or grandchildren, but I have 2 wonderful step sons that have married 2 lovely gals and now am GiGi to 4 of the grandest grandchildren anyone could hope for!
    Grateful for the time spent with those we lost this past year and will be missing them terribly! Wonderful food, especially cabbage rolls and coconut pie (gave up pumpkin pie after my Grandma passed because no one can make them like her). Loving that I am celebrating my 4th year of cancer free living!!! Now, enough of the “mushy” stuff! I would be thankful to see what this family would do if I pulled out a turkey puzzle! They would probably laugh as hard as when I pulled out The Peppermint Pig some years ago or when I got in a silent auction bid war for a huge blow up turkey at the school fall carnival (the grandchildren wanted it)! Thankful and Happy here in Greenville, NC

  34. My favorite thing about Thanksgiving is the togetherness. Eating, playing games and braving the first day of Christmas shopping together. God gives us a great gift in togetherness for which we should never cease to praise Him.

  35. My favorite thing about Thanksgiving is family, seated around our dining table, savoring the food as well as the blessing of being together.

  36. My most favorite thing is that we don’t have to buy presents for everyone…..we only have to produce food for family and
    friends and have a good time!!!

  37. Dressing and sweet potatoes are two of my favorite foods, so the meal is always great. We spend the day at our “camp” house so it’s a relaxed time with family, without the pressure of gifting. What’s not to like!

  38. To us, Thanksgiving is the gateway to Christmas and the holy season. We prepare for days the turkey and dressing, and in South Texas tradition, after the dishes are washed, we go out quail hunting. Mostly working dogs, though. Our friend Leon McNeil accompanies us with his retrievers (you might remember him from City Kids Adventures). Usually the children build a fire and we roast marshmallows, if the brush is not too dry. The next day we boil pork, beef, and venison, grind it up and spend the day making tamales. All the kids gather around the table, the aunts mixing the masa and filling steamers. We put away about thirty dozen tamales for Christmas eve and the rest of the season. That is Thanksgiving on our ranch.

  39. Oh!!!! The food , family and the mountains! Also, the fact that I have learned to delegate ( well, a bit!) If I don’t get the puzzle… I will be ordering one! Thank you Frances!

  40. Accceptance. Nontraditional traditions: Married into an American Lebanese family and my children know nothing different than different. Imagine their teachers suprise when our littles say what they know as “traditional” Thanksgiving feasts: taboule, hashwi, kibbee, loubie, and turkey! My daughter insisted on bringing kibbee to her school feast last year. Acceptance and love! God Bless you Frances!

  41. Oh the food…and in our hose on thanksgiving eve, you will smell the wonderful aroma of homemade Italian sauce simmering and meatballs sizzling made in memory of my late Italian mother-in-law. And now maybe doing a jigsaw puzzle.. 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving Frances & Tom!

  42. Frances~ I thoroughly enjoy your blog and was very surprised to hear that Liberty Puzzles is located in Boulder, which is where I live! I immediately went to Liberty Puzzles and purchased the “Thanksgiving Greeting” puzzle Of course I told them I heard about Liberty Puzzles through Frances Schultz!!! My grandmother loved doing puzzles, and it brings me warm memories of her…I am now going to add this as part of our annual Thanksgiving tradition turkey puzzle with my family and friends! A blessed thanksgiving to you and His Grace! Thank you!
    You are wonderful!!

  43. What a wonderful idea! We were raised doing puzzles as Mom loved them. Mom is now 92 and still able to do them and will be with us for Thanksgiving. So we will certainly bring the 4 generations of us together at the game table sharing in a new turkey day tradition. thanks for another heads-up, Frances!
    Wishing you and Tom a blessed Thanksgiving….in the valley?

  44. Love the anticipation of all the family coming together for one outrageous meal. There is the preparation for days prior to the feasting, the challenge of how to seat everyone, the fun in setting the table and the quiet of early morning Thanksgiving day waiting to be interrupted by the noise. The wonderful noise of family talking with and over one another. I also love eating the turkey sandwich in the quiet that returns when all the loved ones have departed bellies full and hearts filled.

  45. I love my moms dressing recipe and I love being with my family. My family is bigger than all of our table and chairs now, Im still trying to figure it out.

  46. Our Thanksgiving is usually very quiet, just the 6 of us at our farm in south Georgia. My favorite thing is gathering by the fire watching football as we are all big fans!

  47. I just love the day, which we have celebrated the same way since I was very young and I am in my mid-fifties now with two teenage sons. We all gather at my mother’s home and cook, visit, watch the parades, set the table, read blogs, watch youtube, eat all the olives and pickles and celery. And I love the puzzle – and your blog. I check in every day.

  48. Thanksgiving is such a fun day. My children when they were little were entertained by the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and then off to Great Grandmother’s farm with many, many cousins and food to feed a big crowd. Now, it is my turn since I am the Grandmother so a new tradition to be added will be a puzzle. We are all so blessed and thankful to live in this country where it is our choice how to celebrate a holiday.

  49. That puzzle is gorgeous! I’m hosting Thanksgiving for fifteen people this year at my house, which I love doing. Some of the guests are our elderly relatives, including my mother-in-law. One of her family traditions is to have several jigsaw puzzles set up around the house for anyone who wants to work on them and sit and chat. Some people will do it for five minutes (they must be like your husband,lol), others will sit for an hour.
    Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays simply because it is so non-materialistic. Food, family, fun, togetherness and gratitude. It’s a winning combination. Enjoy your holiday!!

  50. Spending time with family that we don’t spend enough time with. Eating delicious, beautiful food, and watching my children experience Thanksgiving….these are some of the things I am thankful for on Thanksgiving! 🙂

  51. Thank you Frances for all the wonderful stories and photos you post on your blog. I feel like I am a voyeur stepping inside to all the beautiful places you take us. It is such fun.
    I love Thanksgiving because I love to cook and my family wants the same old, same old…turkey, stuffing or dressing!, gravy, mashed potatoes (my son has to have them!) sweet potato souffle, peas (to mix with the mashed potatoes) bing cherry salad, cranberry sauce and biscuits.
    I have it down to a science!
    One thing I’ll share is I cook my turkey the day before because my husband insists on carving a cold turkey. It is wonderful to do that way. He can carve it whenever he wants to! It is served at room temperature which when it is smothered in hot gravy, you do not know the difference.
    I always cook a turkey breast the morning of Thanksgiving for the aroma as everyone arrives but it disappears out of the oven for after Thanksgiving leftovers!! It also means I don’t have to cook a monstrous sized turkey for that one meal. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  52. Thanksgiving day in the Smith family is all about eating too much, skeet shooting, and bonfires at the family farm. Brent has a big family, and it is fun to all be together.I cannot wait!

  53. Puzzles bring the whole family together-what better way to spend the Thanksgiving holiday than sitting down with assorted relatives and doing a puzzle. Good conversation and great fun.

  54. I remember the transition of moving from the kids table to the adults table. My cousin Joy and I were the oldest children so we were given a small table next to the adults…not with the little kids and not with the grown ups but almost! It was special and pictures that have survived show our joy!

    On another note, I was so taken by the wooden puzzle posting that when ask to go with my boyfriends family on Hawaiian vacation I brought along a Liberty wooden puzzle. It was a hit, engaged all members of the family, and took nearly 7 days to complete.


  55. My daughter sent your post on Provence to me and I have followed your blog ever since. Thank you so much, Frances, for the enjoyment throughout this year. Any time that I am with my family is truly a Thanksgiving Day! I love the preparation, cooking, and overeating….all in the company of my children and grandchildren. Now, about puzzles….my 2 children used to accuse me of always suggesting that they work a puzzle whenever they said they were bored! I LOVED puzzles and they were not so enthusiastic, to put it mildly. If the puzzle comes to me, I will see to it that those same 2 children and my HG help me work it!! Liberty Puzzles are wonderful.

  56. Growing up a puzzle was always a big part of our Thanksgiving Day. My aunt was always the one who brought the puzzle and the harder the better. This year for the first time in 25 years, I will be spending Thanksgiving with my 4 nieces and I want to be the aunt that brings the puzzle!

  57. Puzzles make me think of my Mom and summers at AB (Atlantic Beach). My Mom makes me think of ML (Mary Lee), who was like a Mom to me. ML makes me think of Ruth, your dear Mom. I love to do puzzles because it makes me stop and think of those I love and miss everyday! Take care…Love your blog!

  58. I’m starting a couple of new traditions this year that I’m excited about. The first is place cards that will have the biblical meaning of the name on one side and the actual name on the other. And the second is writing out individual blessings (that they can take home) that my husband will speak over each family member as part of ‘the prayer’.
    …Then perhaps a third,a Thanksgiving puzzle.

  59. After seeing your post, I checked the website for Liberty Puzzles, and ordered a catalog. Puzzles used to be a part of our family holidays, but haven’t in recent years. I would love to renew this tradition with a Liberty Puzzle. They look amazing and fun…works of art!

  60. I love Frances’ blog, I love Thanksgiving, i love turkey, and I love my mom whose 80th birthday is on Thanksgiving this year. And I also love Liberty Puzzles! We have last year’s Christmas puzzle, and would love to help mom celebrate her birthday with this year’s Thanksgiving puzzle! Thanks for all your fun posts, Frances!

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