Fun Summer Fabrics to Refresh on a Budget

Summer’s sweltering right along and you may be hankering to spiff up your porch or sunroom without breaking the bank. Laurette Kittle has cooked up a line of fun summer fabrics that might be just the thing. Slipcover a sofa or or whip up a pillow or two and see if that doesn’t splash a little summer sunshine just where you want it.

Looka here who else thinks Laurette’s fabrics are fun and fresh. Miss Katie Couric that’s who.

Laurette Kittle fabrics - Vacation at Home
Laurette Kittle, Katie Couric, and Cooper. Floral pillow fabric is Diver's Paradise in the Bliss colorway, and the mosaic is Beach Walk, also in Bliss. Fabrics produced by PKLifestyles.

Laurette and Katie are buds. We are all buds. Katie and I were sorority sisters at U.Va. together. And yes she is just as cute and fun and smart and friendly as she seems. She really is.

So is Laurette for that matter, though not quite as famous. Yet.

Laurette has an impressive history in the design biz, working her magic on everything from festive paper products to snappy prints for George Smith. She  is as sunny and bright as her fabrics. (And her hair!) Just seeing them makes me think of her and her good energy, and having them in my house reminds me of that.

Laurette Kittle fabrics - Vacation at Home
Laurette Kittle fabrics dressing up the poolside of Katie Couric's house in the Hamptons.

Produced by PKLifestyles,  the line is called “Vacation at Home” and the patterns are inspired from Laurette’s travels. “The mosaic pattern is from my trip last year to Marrakesh and Diver’s Paradise from our family dive trips to Bonaire,” she says.

Laurette Kittle - Vacation at Home fabric line
Laurette Kittle - Vacation at Home fabric line

For more information or to purchase, contact the designer directly  at 

Laurette Kittle fabrics - Vacation at Home
This zebra-like pattern is Reef. It's my favorite and would be so versatile.

See more of Laurette on Instagram, where she posts the most gorgeous pictures, many of the sea and sky near her house in Connecticut. You can also follow Laurette on Pinterest and on Twitter.

Laurette Kittle - Vacation at Home fabric line
Laurette Kittle - Vacation at Home fabric line

Happy Summer.

P.S. As you know, items featured on are done so purely from enthusiasm and without remuneration. 🙂


  1. I love these fabulous combinations of florals and geometrics, as well as the colors! So refreshingly compatible. I want them all!

  2. Laurette’s fabrics are fabulous! I have the Vacation at Home in mimosa and just love it! Her talent and delightful energy are reflected in her fabrics.

  3. Great little punches for all-white (living) rooms
    (like mine here at “Quogue by the Sea). Any of
    them all-weather or fade resistant? Congratulations
    on your glorious collection!

    1. Thanks Anneke! I’ll pas your question along to Laurette – and check out yours at “Quogue by the Sea” !

    2. Okay Anneke, here is Laurette’s response:
      “They are not outdoor per se. They are stain resistant. I have the inside of the pillows made with waterproof foam and they do fine outside, but we take them in if there is a big storm. They will eventually fade after about 6 years!”

  4. Ok – how much do I love all these patterns!? Wow! This is a fun, uplifting and cheerful collection. Thanks for showcasing them!

  5. We are remodeling an 1800’s house in Eastern NC and the reef pattern is wonderful…so great for adding a punch of color to the porch!! Happy to learn of this designer ~

  6. The designs are so beautiful and refreshing. I especially love Katie Couric and enjoy her show so much. Cooper is so cute.

  7. I have known Laurette since high school and I will testify that just being around her is like being on vacation! Like Laurette, her Vacation at Home patterns are vibrant, colorful, energetic, warm, and FUN! They work as well in my Chicago loft as they do in my 100 year old renovated Pinehurst, NC cottage!

  8. I personally know Laurette has devoted much time and energy in perfecting each of these fabrics….and it shows! From the cool color combinations and gorgeous patterns, these fabrics are fabulous!

  9. Have known and loved Laurette for many years. Most vibrant, genuinely sunny person with whom I enjoy a friendship! And so talented. Adore her fabrics, this collection fab, best ever!

  10. The fabrics are gorgeoeus!! They make me think of summer — I want to fill our house in Nantucket with pillows in all the beuatiful colors and patterns!

  11. Laurette has put her vibrance and mind down on fabric! I need some of that Laurette energy around my house!! Ya for sharing it!! Xxxs

  12. Love, Love, Love!! Fabulous fabrics! They are perfectly ‘happy’ for a summer in Seattle. Thank you kindly for sharing! Joan

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